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Wiping Away Time Attendance Woes
at Epesok Paper Mill Limited with Fingertec
By Mr. Curtis Tan , Sales Manager, FingerTec Worldwide
Epesok Paper Mill Limited logo
Epesok Paper Mill Limited (EPML) was incorporated in 1986 among other preoccupations, to manufacture and market tissue paper and commenced operation in 1989. It is purely a paper/tissue manufacturer and converting company. EPML is a member of the Onward Group of Companies and is located in Lagos, Nigeria. In line with their vision of wanting to be recognized as the best green quality tissue manufacturer and converter in Nigeria, the company specializes in recycling waste paper to produce tissue paper of various grades. The recycling plant has a capacity of producing 15 tons of tissue paper per day, whilst the converting line can produce 100,000 toilet rolls per day.
In mid-2012, FingerTec reseller, Loyalty Technologies, introduced EPML to Fingertec products to manage their employee attendance more effectively. Making the decision was very easy for the management for they have not yet succeeded in managing punctuality, regular attendance and ghost workers until the installation of FingerTec AC100C. With the installation of AC100C, EPML were able to curb nagging attendance issues and tardiness, thanks to AC100C’s quick verification and easy data management with the TCMS V2 software.
EPML’s line of Scotty serviette tissues
An employee from EPML using AC100C
A top provider of information and communication technology solutions, Loyalty Technologies Integreated Global Limited have proven to be successful with their distribution of FingerTec products. They thrive on earning total satisfaction one client at a time and are committed to going out of their way to make sure that the products they sell are tailor-made solutions with their activities being entirely customer-driven. Having Loyalty Technologies as part of the FingerTec family is crucial in order to market our brand of products in their region and with this, we hope that they will continue to do a great job in selling and distrbuting FingerTec products.
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