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Zalatimo Sweets Regulates its Workforce’s Time with FingerTec’s Biometrics TA100C
The Zalatimo family has created extraordinary pastries and gourmet desserts from natural ingredients since 1860. Zalatimo Sweets continues this tradition till date, as an international supplier of Baklava and other gourmet Mediterranean Sweets, La Mirabelle French Pastries, Lausanne Swiss Chocolates and other delights. Many products are available online, which are carefully packed in special tins to preserve the flavour and freshness to survive the shipping journey.
In initiation of a small business, the founder Mohammad Zalatimo opened a small pastry shop in the old city of Jerusalem, within the ancient walls surrounding the Holy Sepulchre. The Zalatimo family has prospered a good 150 over years expanding their secret recipes to sweet and pastry lovers around the globe. Along side the tremendous growth the company has also broaden its workforce to sustain the business on a day-to-day basis.

Recognizing that keeping track of their employees’ time and attendance can be a handful and a monotonous process, the business owners decided to switch from a manual traditional card attendance recording method to a digital system with the ability to automatically track and computerize the recorded attendance.

In search of a suitable time and attendance system the business owners took up Euro Jordan Trading Co’s suggestion on FingerTec’s TA100C. Euro Jordan Trading Co’s is FingerTec’s trusted distributor in Jordan and has deliberately recommended TA100C due to its the intrinsic value of a comprehensive automated time and attendance system that is compatible with Zalatimo Sweet’s business nature.

TA100C is a contemporary biometrics time attendance device, with a precise well-ordered method of data collection. With this new implementation, Zalatimo Sweets is now able to monitor and regularize their employees’ attendance and indirectly have control over the employee’s time management and work productivity. This new atmosphere has also been a fine opportunity for the company to cultivate a new discipline and work habit that will be beneficial in the long run.

Purchasing a package of convenience this digital system completely eliminates the manual process that tagged along their previous traditional card attendance recording method. Each of the employee’s attendance in present is compiled electronically, which discards many of the human errors, dishonest manipulations, oversights and other callous encounters.

Experiencing some hiccups in the initial stage, which was addressed well by Euro Jordan Trading co. with their best and quickest technical solutions, today both the management and the employees are happy with the implementations. The business owners now are left with more time to set focus on strategizing their position in the global market and the employees in the meantime are happy to comply with a hassle free automated attendance system, which requires them to only scan their fingerprint and presto!

Lastly to add on is the eye-catching full colour TFT screen that enhances and perfectly fits into Zalatimo Sweet’s ultramodern office setting.

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