( by Henry Pang, Product Development Manager )
Generally there are four types of attendees to any training. The first is professor, the second is prisoner, the third is graduates and the fourth is vacationer. Dealing with a bunch of different people is far from easy and especially in events that many of them have no intention to attend or to put it simply, forced. That makes attendance crucial because training is costly. The conventional method is to use pen and paper for attendance. The method is easy and cheap but by using the attendance ‘system’, ghost attendees are rampant. Fellow mates can sign-in for their absent colleagues, and they also can leave halfway which in turn would cause the company lost of money and time.

To overcome this problem, FingerTec introduces a convenient system, where trainees report their attendance using portable biometric system. TA300 is a desktop fingerprint terminal for time attendance system that comes with an internal battery that could last for a maximum of 5 hours. All the training centres have to do is to register the participants before the course starts and register their finger when they report for training, during lunch break, after lunch break and when the course finishes. At the end of the training, all data can be presented to the management for reference.

1. Reducing ‘cheating’ attendees
  The reason people cheat is because they can. By having a system which only accepts the real identity, people are aware of their own behaviour and they would behave responsibly.
2. Having presentable and reliable data
  By using FingerTec TA300, all data can be presented in various formats and the data can’t be manipulated to match user’s fancies.
3. Doing attendance electronically, reducing manual work
  All data is available for reference or for printing and there’s less manual work required to present the data professionally.
4. Keeping electronic data/records
  Data and records are available in various formats for safekeeping and further analysis.
The Benefits of TA300
1. Easy Enrollment
  You can choose to enroll at the terminal or you can do it via TCMSv2 software. From the terminal, push Enroll FP button and follow the instructions given by the machine.
2. Easy data download
  Downloading of data to TCMSv2 in a PC is easy with TA300. All you need to do is to plug in the USB cable from TA300 to PC to download data to TCMSv2 – it works just like digital camera.
3. Easy user management
  You can delete users from the terminal by pressing on the DelUser button.
4. User friendly portable station
  TA300 doesn’t need any installation. Just put on a surface and start using TA300 with ease.
Technology Characteristics of FingerTec Solution
The Hardware & Software
During registration, the participant can enroll their fingerprint at the OFIS scanner/ TA300 itself.
The trainer will upload the participant fingerprint template to the TA300 from the TCMSv2.
For those who didn’t enroll fingerprint during registration can enroll their fingerprint at the TA300 before the training starts.
The trainer will pass the TA300 to the participant to register their fingerprint for attendance records before the training start and at the end of the training.
At the end of the day, the trainer will connect the terminal with the TCMSv2 by using the USB cable to download the participant transaction and generate report from the TCMSv2.
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