You are the key to the door. Introducing Smart Keylock 8800, the latest door lock system from FingerTec utilizing advanced fingerprint technology to offer you the most convenient locking system for your home, office and important areas. All you need to do is to place your finger on the scanner to open the door and it is as simple as that.

FingerTec’s state-of-the-art algorithm reads the minutiae points of your fingerprint to confirm your identity without any doubt or hassle. The enrolment process takes less than one minute and user verification is done in a split second, spells reliability and ease of use to all users. The Smart Keylock 8800 also offers RFID card system and PIN password for entry as options for user’s convenience.

The Smart Keylock 8800 is made of sturdy material to ensure robustness but at the same time FingerTec does not compromise on style and quality of the product. Combination of champagne and soft blue color finishing with a tinge of gold sheen exudes sophistication and elegance, suitable for all kind of space designs.

The Smart Keylock 8800 is using a European standard 3 tongue-cylinder Mortise lock, a stronger and versatile than other locks in external trim and functionality. No complication when it comes to installation and power supply, as the Mortise lock complies with international standard for door locks, common for the installer and it is using 4 AA batteries, which could last up to 4,000 standard operations. Data transfer is made available in the Smart Keylock 8800 via USB flash disk and the complete package is bundled with the powerful time management software, TCMS V2. No more carrying of keys is required and you can trace individuals who access to a certain doors. As a security measure, illegal tries on the scanner would prompt the keylock to trigger the beep in the reader.

Having been in the industry for more than 10 years, FingerTec comprehends client requirements. All products from FingerTec are tailored to satisfy those needs and more. All products must pass stringent tests, thorough inspections and assessments before they can meet the clients. Those are amongst reasons why FingerTec are being distributed to more than 100 countries worldwide since 2000 and the number of distribution is growing by the day.

The introduction of the Smart Keylock 8800 provides FingerTec with a sophisticated solution to building and home automation.
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