In the market there are a few types of card access system available as options. The cards basically look quite similar from one another but they are actually different in features and security levels. The types of card system that are offered by FingerTec products include RFID, MiFare and HID.
HID is a well-known brand in access card control system. HID Global, the company that is providing the HID brand of cards produces a wide range of cards into the market i.e. Prox II, iClass and etc. ISO Prox II is the common 125kHz RFID card in the market but HID makes it customizable to create differentiation. The Prox II card support 26-bit and it comes with unique programming information into its contents, which includes the card reading bits, card number range, facility code, site code, etc. Organizations always prefer customization of the contents to fit their requirements. The uniqueness of the HID card contents places the brand at a different level and price from the other types of card.
Apart from the customization it offers, HID also applies encryption to the contents of the card to maintain high level of security and to eliminate duplications. The HID cards are stable and reliable. This explains why many companies and organizations are using HID cards for door access control and time attendance system. Instead of changing the cards every so often when the company wants to shift to a different system, upgrade of the HID card is available to suit the needs. For example, FingerTec system incorporated with HID module can use the existing HID Prox II cards, which does not require the change of cards whenever there is a system shift.

FingerTec system with HID can read the 26-bit HID Prox II card with 125kHz, which means that users can register their current Prox II cards with FingerTec. With FingerTec system, users are given a few verification options. R2 as an example, can support 15 verification combinations i.e. fingerprint only, card only, fingerprint and card, etc. The latest FingerTec model with HID system are R2i, the slave fingerprint/card access terminal and also Kadex and iKadex system, FingerTec card system. Fingerprint template can be stored in HID card and to report attendance or to gain access at FingerTec terminal, user has to wave the cards and followed by the fingerprints.

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