( by Batyr Komurzoev, Sales Manager, CIS Countries )
The market for security systems in Poland and in Eastern Europe in general is quite saturated, although still growing. Door access control and time attendance systems in the market are mostly based on card systems, while the biometric technologies, including fingerprint and facial recognition, hand geometry, vein, voice and signature recognition, are very new in Poland and people are not familiar with these technologies. Fingerprint technology, however, is gaining wide acceptance, especially due to recent introduction of passport system with fingerprint identification.
The fingerprint based passport system is currently implemented in more than 130 passport offices throughout Poland and makes reliable 1:1 fingerprint verification at each stage of the passport application, generation and issuance process. Furthermore, all new biometric passports issued by the Polish government are equipped with a contactless microprocessor chip that stores the passport holder’s biometric fingerprint information. With this and other developments, people are becoming more aware of the benefits and advantages of the fingerprint recognition technology.
Through our partners and dealers, FingerTec products are being well presented in Poland and other East Europe market. For example, our new partner in Poland, Carbomad Marek Dabrowski, is taking major steps in marketing FingerTec products, including translation of TCMSv2 software and other materials to Polish language and carrying out product training and road shows in Poland and other neighboring countries. Carbomad is company that aims to deliver technology solutions at the highest level by providing machinery and equipment produced in a very high quality standard.
Carbomad team (from left to right): IT Executive Director Piotr Brzeziński, Assistant IT Section Adam Kozdra, Founder - Chairman of the Board Marek Dąbrowski
Recently, the company’s marketing team, headed by Mr. Adam Kozdra, has carried out a road show in city of Lviv, Ukraine, where a range of FingerTec products were presented. According to Mr. Adam, the event was attended by professionals mainly from security industry, but also from other industries like banking and construction. They were very interested and curious about FingerTec products and had many questions related to usage and security of the products. The road show was a success and the company plans to carry out similar activities in other countries in Eastern Europe, while effectively marketing the products in Poland.

With the professional approach to marketing and sales and excellent after sale support of our partners and dealers in Eastern Europe, FingerTec products are expected to be well known in this part of the world.

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