( by Tew Bee Lay, Sales Manager )
Knowledge is power and for resellers, product knowledge can mean more sales. It is difficult to sell effectively to a customer if we failed to show how a particular product could address the end-user needs. Reading marketing literature would help to gain product knowledge but there is nothing more effective than attending product trainings provided by the principal at its premise.

In Malaysia, FingerTec Worldwide allocates every Tuesday and Thursday as training days for Sales and Technical sessions targeting existing and potential resellers.  These FREE training sessions entail a one-day program that focuses on:

  • Overview of all the entire FingerTec product range
  • Benefits of a FingerTec reseller
  • Hardware hands-on (selected model only)
  • Overview functions of TCMS V2 Software
  • Q & A sessions
    It may take a while to articulate FingerTec product knowledge, especially when it comes to new products, but over time the information will become handy and we will become comfortable and confident in providing the correct information to inquirers after attending the training. That confidence will pay off in improved sales results.
    The general benefits gained from direct training at the principal’s premise: 
    1. Strengthen Communication Skills
    Having a thorough understanding of the products on the shelves can allow a reseller to use different techniques and methods of presenting the product to customers. Stronger communication skills will allow a salesperson to recognize and adapt a sales presentation for various types of customer.
    2. Boost Enthusiasm
    Seeing someone completely enthusiastic about a product is one of the best selling tools. As we generate excitement for the product, the salesperson would remove any uncertainty the product may not be the best solution for that customer. The easiest way to become enthusiastic is to truly believe in the product.
    3. Grow Confidence
    Becoming educated in the products and its uses will help cement that confidence in a salesperson especially when replying to customer’s in-depth queries.
    4. Assist in Overcoming Objections
    Objections made by customers may be struck down with factual information regarding the product. That information usually comes in the form of product knowledge. Being well versed in not only our products, but similar products sold by competitors, allows us to easily counter objections.
    5. Foster Closer Ties with Support Staff
    Generating understanding amongst the technical implications during training is important to foster a closer relationship with reseller-principal technical staff.  So when communicating through mails or phone, the mutual sharing and perception on the support issues are easily understood.
    FingerTec recognizes that resellers play a vital link in the supply chain. However, to operate effectively and sell our products successfully, we provide easy access online for marketing and technical support too.

    We believe through these provided trainings, the resellers have the market awareness and experience to deliver added value, and they play a leading role in providing products and services to their extended customer base.

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