( by Regielou Rolloque, Sales Manager, Hispanic Market )
With its presence in more than 100 countries already in less than a decade, more clients from different countries are still drawn to the FingerTec way. Perhaps this is mainly because, as the law of attraction would have it, these clients have also been consistently working towards a business pattern similar to FingerTec’s.

Clients come and go; those who don’t quite get the gist of the FingerTec way would not stick around after their first sampling. With a common ground to work on, there’s always a big possibility for a long-term business partnership. In the same vein, LV Business thinks first of quality so as not to compromise a product’s brand.

By identifying market needs and their ongoing quest to provide solutions to help their clients develop their business, LV Business offers their services to customers who decide to undertake business with office automation and security products because of the quality and of choosing LV Business to guide their technology investments. They have installed the FingerTec AC100 and TA100 series terminals in garment factories and television media. They are currently working on a project with Bancard, a company that processes credit and debit cards in Paraguay. Mr. Lovera adds that because of the user-friendliness of the TCMS V2, it works best with their market in line with their accounting standards. LV Business is also making full use of the BioBridge SDK for some of their clients who wish to do some integration with their own software.
Mr. Jason Lovera, Commercial Department Head of LV Business, believes FingerTec is a hit and will still be a hit not only in Asuncion, the capital city, but also throughout Paraguay. He says it is because “the hardware operation and installation, marketing materials provided, and the very user-friendly TCMS V2 software all function according to our needs and requirements.”

LV Business has been moving into the area of technological innovation for the past 7 months. They have obtained excellent results with FingerTec terminals, that is why they have placed it foremost in their general brochure.

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