( by Nattalina Zainal, International Sales & Marketing Executive )
Bundesrepublik Deutshland or popularly known all over the world as Germany has been introduced to fingerprint technologies since 2005 when the Germany government implemented ePass; a passport issued to German citizens containing biometrics technology in their efforts to enhance security of border control. An increase in the prevalence of biometrics technology in Germany is not only to keep citizens safe within the German borders but also to comply with the current US deadline for visa-waiver countries to introduce biometrics passports.
Since the Germans have been using biometrics technologies since 2005, is there more room for biometrics in the German market? According to the market research firm Frost & Sullivan, the biometrics market in EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) will triple in 2012 from its value in 2008. Despite the economic downturn in Europe, the needs for biometrics market for individual identification will continue to grow, as the level of security breached and transaction fraud increases. While common identity verification such as ID card, protected password, pin numbers and employee ID can be forgotten, lost or stolen, biometrics technologies offer more secure solutions because they identify individuals through their physical patterns.
Being the country that is having the largest population in European Union, Germany obviously offers a bigger opportunity for biometrics industry. Biometrics technologies, such as fingerprint, face recognition and iris have been accepted in the federal government and it is foreseeable that this trend will be spreading into the commercial market too. For these reasons, we at FingerTec are fully taking advantage on this and are spreading our wings into German and Europe markets.
Having participated in the CEBIT exhibition in Hannover recently, we are able to experience and understand the demands for biometrics in Germany. Many visitors were keen to experience the product first hand but language was one of the main barriers we had during the show. Most of the Germans were using their mother tongue, thus localization of fingerprint reader and software is not an option to penetrate the market; it is a must.

Despite the language barrier, exhibition visitors in Germany were receptive to new technologies. We brought our new Face ID 2, the latest face recognition terminal to the exhibition and many visitors were intrigued to try. The Keylock 8800 also received great response; we had many visitors registered and tried the Keylock 8800 demo unit. They left with smiling faces and amazed with the speed of the enrolment and verification.

As Germany is also a gate that connects the neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Belgium, Italy, Austria; the exhibition had introduced FingerTec brand to potential from other countries as well. We had a bright start in Germany this year and we are hoping that it will grow into a fruitful business soon.
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