Sales effort is about influencing target audiences to listen to you, to believe in you, to have confidence in you. In return, the reward is the sales itself. Expertise in the subject matter is positively correlated with level of influence; the more knowledgeable a person is, the higher influence he/she has on others. We at FingerTec would like to level it up a notch; we are convinced that knowledge is key to customer satisfaction. For us, the efforts do not stop once the deal is closed; it extends longer than that, the learning shouldn’t stop, it should be continuous, as long as the business lives.
Very soon we will unveil FingerTec Online Training website which has undergone a major facelift to provide our customers with better services. The new website focuses on three major topics that are crucial to FingerTec’s business everywhere in the world. The three topics are:
1. Sales Training
2. Product Training
3. Technical Training
Sales Training
Sales team has to know anything and everything about FingerTec before they can go out on the field meeting clients. The training is tailored to sharpen your sales skills, to supplement you with product knowledge so you could be tactful in dispersing information and attending to your clients. First and foremost, we introduce ourself in the sales training section. Information about FingerTec Worldwide is accessible in the Sales Training section. Details about FingerTec Global Reseller Program also are list down in this section of the training. This information is very important to let potential customer understand FingerTec’s edge and advantages. Presentation videos are presented for your reference and revision, and we also include all brochures softcopies for download in this section.
For sales persons, to master in FingerTec products, it’s recommended that you equipped yourself with information from Sales Training and Product Training. To be excellent sales persons however, include Technical Training in your portfolio as well.
Product Training
This section encompasses details of all range of FingerTec products. The specifications, the connections, the communications, the combinations, the software, the system development etc are explained in this section. There’s no excuse for any FingerTec sales persons to not prepare themselves with product information. The ability to produce correct information confidently is the key to influencing potential customers.

At the end of the lessons, we offer Online Exam for sales persons to test their product knowledge. The exam is timed and score will be sent once you have run out of time or you have submitted your answers. Take the exam as often as you like to sharpen your knowledge on FingerTec products.

Technical Training
In FingerTec business, technical team is an important pillar in supporting clients. Sales cannot be sustained without the support from technical team. Therefore, expertise in technical matters is important before any of them could deal with a customer. The training offers detailed information about the inner workings of every FingerTec terminal, troubleshooting aspects, knowhow of the products and so much more. Accessories and spare parts also are covered in this training. Similar like product training, online exam is offered to those interested. Upon passing the exam, FingerTec Worldwide will endorse a certificate to acknowledge your level of competency in technical aspects of FingerTec products.

Technical team is recommended to learn Product Training as well to perform excellently in meeting clients needs.

We strongly recommend that you advise your teams to take advantage of FingerTec’s resources to improve your business.
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