( by Henry Pang, Product Development Manager )
Only refer to this document if you are building Entry-Exit system that communicates via Wiegand and please ignore if you are using R2i or iKadex as exit/slave terminal or you are using AdapTec AC in the connection.

By default, all FingerTec® access control models (R2, Kadex, Q2i, iKiosk 100 etc) are master terminals. The installations of two FingerTec® terminals (R2, Kadex, Q2i, iKiosk 100 etc) as entry-exit system require an update of the Master and Slave status of the terminals.

Step 1
Double click to run FTMasterSlave.exe
Step 2
Insert the IP address of the terminal ---> Select the status either Master or Slave ---> Click Connect
Step 3
Click Update to update settings to the terminal.
Step 4
A message pops up after the update process. Click OK to acknowledge.
Step 5
Click Restart to restart the terminal for the changes to take effect.
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