Biometrics System In Fitness Centre
Working out an efficient operation
Exclusive Membership is Key
Joining a fitness centre has becoming a lifestyle of people living in the city to utilize professional exercise equipments and working up a sweat after work. Apart from that idea, obtaining membership of a prominent fitness centre shouts exclusivity, urbane and class, which translates to the amount of fees customers are willing to pay for the membership. There are many factors to an exceptional fitness centre such as prominent trainers, good trainings, flexible sessions, individual training sessions, etc.

But at the entry point itself, access is one important factor to characterise a good and exclusive fitness centre.

Card System
The current system implemented by many fitness clubs is issuance of membership card by the centre and upon entry member has to produce the card for verification. Once a membership card is shown, all data is displayed and verified at the computer before access is allowed. The card system, while providing good access system to the club, does cause some problems that require a second look. Cards are visible tokens that need carrying around while doing activities in the gym. Lost of cards are rampant and every case creates inconvenience to both management and members alike.

When we talk about access to exclusive clubs, access to the authorised members should be done smoothly without much hassle and the monitoring system to prevent the unauthorised also must operate the same way to maintain smoothness of operation and absent of unpleasant scenes at the club.

Biometrics - Accessible Yet Constrained
Biometrics system offers a much more accessible system in comparison to the card system. Members need to use fingerprint for access to the club. Management could issue membership card for loyalty programme and identification but it should not be used for access due to the reasons above.

Biometrics system for example fingerprint system can be utilised not only for front doors but also for specific rooms and for specific members. Members can sign up for various classes and entrances to certain classes are controlled and monitored by fingerprint system.

Why Biometrics System?
Convenience No carrying of any tokens while doing workouts
Security Prevent unauthorised entries by members and non-members. If some rooms are dedicated to some paying members, other members have to be restricted from entering.  To secure expensive exercise equipments from being stolen.
Smooth Operation All access can be recorded and downloaded to TCMS V2 software, control and monitoring of access to rooms can be done from the control room.
Analysis and Planning From the access records derived from all the readers, the management can do analysis and planning for better marketing of the centre. 
How Is It Done?
1. Upon confirmation of membership, a member has to be issued with a membership card/loyalty programme card and his fingerprint(s) need to be enrolled into the system and kept as in a centralised database.
2. After enrolment of member’s fingerprint template(s) into the system, the templates will then be transferred to FingerTec terminal(s) for access. For example Terminal A for entrance, Terminal B for locker room, Terminal C for yoga class, Terminal D for Aerobic class and so on so forth. If user number 1001 signed up for Yoga class at 330pm, her fingerprint template have to be in Terminal A and Terminal C. Time zone settings also can be done to limit access to terminals.
3. Door access transaction logs or terminal activities would then be downloaded into the main software (TCMS v2) via LAN or USB flash disk for further processing.
4. At the end of every week or month, these data can be further analysed to assess attendance for certain classes in view of its effectiveness and improvement, to plan for marketing, to follow up on non-attending members, etc.
5. Reports retrieved from the system could be easily emailed to the headquarters for further analysis.
The Architecture of The System
The Proposed Models
Front Desk OFIS TA (For enrolment and attendance) / TA100
Entrance and Access to other rooms R2/R2i and Q2i
Software TCMS V2 - bundled with the purchase of FingerTec products.
Connection LAN/USB
Optional software FRIS for a larger capacity membership counts
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