Seguridad C & B Values FingerTec’s Simplicity
by Ms Gabriela Salgado, Seguridad C & B’s Electronic Security Manager
With its worldwide presence, FingerTec has helped small and large scale businesses to grow. Despite the economic crisis, some security companies found opportunities to expand their range of security products. Whether they specialize on CCTV alarm systems or use fingerprint technology for their human resources solutions, thriving companies would see to it that they meet the demands of the market and the area they’re in. In the case of Seguridad C & B of Managua, Nicaragua, what first started out as product sampling and testing with FingerTec would turn into a beneficial business partnership.
Seguridad C & B was founded 19 years ago in the area of private sector physical security and has been participating in the electronic security area for 8 years. Aside from marketing the brand FingerTec in Nicaragua, they are the exclusive distributor for various renowned brands for security products.

Ms. Gabriela Salgado, Seguridad C & B’s Electronic Security Manager, summarizes FingerTec brand’s advantages over other brands of fingerprint recognition equipments that they have seen in the market: “FingerTec’s products offer advanced fingerprint technology, a wide variety of fingerprint time attendance and access control machines, and most of all FingerTec abides by the “Everything is made easy” concept with their easy-to-install terminals.” Seguridad C & B have installed FingerTec R2, AC900, Kadex with iKadex, and TA100 DIY machines in financial institutions, distributors of new vehicles, chicken egg hatcheries industries and in their own facilities of course.

She adds, ”Our customers are very satisfied with the TCMS v2 software because it allows them to do the adjustments they would need when it comes to time attendance reports and also because there is a printed user manual for them to conveniently resort to upon purchasing a FingerTec terminal.”

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