Face ID 2 Debuted in Dubai
( by Benacer Douadi, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East 
From 17 to 19 January 2010, FingerTec participated in Intersec 2010, a show staged at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai, UAE. Mr Batyr Komurzoev and I were assigned as stand managers for the 3-day show. Intersec is one of the largest security industry exhibitions in the Middle East, evident from the size of the halls and the number of participants and visitors; it was indeed a great opportunity for FingerTec to debut the Face ID 2 to the existing and potential clients from West Asia and the Middle East.

This is the first time we officially showcase Face ID to the public. I could see that visitors were showing much interest in the product. Registration and verification at the Face ID can be done without any contact and it can be done swiftly in seconds. Same like all new technologies, the eagerness is there but at the same time people would adopt the look and see strategy. At this kind of show, they got to experience the new technology. I have my confidence that Face ID is going to be a big hit. At this stage, samples are being ordered and the actual sales would start in perhaps March. And there are also new potential clients who haven’t experienced fingerprint technology yet and the show was a good platform to introduce the products to them. My eloquence in Arabic helped a lot in communication with the Middle Eastern people.

Batyr on the other hand, doesn’t know how to converse in Arabic but very fluent in Russian and English. Dubai is an exceptional city and I reckon at this time of the year, people are flocking to Dubai for the climate is very inviting. His aim was to get the chance to meet some visitors from the CIS countries and to promote them FingerTec, which is available in Russian, of course. He has worked with the resources in Russian in 2009 and 2010 is the year to market the ‘Russian’ products.
Intersec has always been a meet and greet yearly event for FingerTec’s Middle Eastern Resellers. Since Intersec is held in Dubai every year, it’s been a joint event for FingerTec and our sole distributor Seven Seas Computer of Dubai. Mr Abbas Mukaddam from Magnum Connect, Seven Seas was always there to lend his hands every year and my warmest thank you is extended to him. I also got to meet a few resellers from the neighboring countries after a yearlong communication via the Internet. The list includes Mr Omar AM. Zarrugh, Director from Al-Afaq Co. Libya, Mr Hazim from Ultratech Sudan, Mr Abdulmalik Muqhut from A2Z Solutions and Services Yemen, Mr Hassan Ali from Techno Guards Electronics, Bahrain, Dr Riyadh of Al-Salam Iraq and Mr Ruslan Haqverdiyev of Total IT Azerbaijan.
I’m very pleased to have to chance to meet my clients face to face. It’s not very often that I get the opportunity to mingle with my clients and the Intersec brings all of them to one place. In this opportunity also we would like to say thank you to Mr Faisal of IPTEC for his hospitality and support.

FingerTec will definitely participate in Intersec 2011 in January next year and we hope to see you there again.

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