It's All Fired Up For FingerTec in Iran
( by Nattalina Zainal, International Sales & Marketing Executive )
TACO has been FingerTec partner in Iran since two years back and over the years, TACO with its distributor, Bartar Andishan have participated in various exhibitions for FingerTec products including COMEX 2009 and COMEX 2010 in Mashhad as well as in ELECOMP 2009 held in Tehran. Fingerprint technology is a new technology in Iran and TACO's decision to bring the technology back to the home country is proven fruitful for the company. TACO has been active in the fields of integrated security, access control systems, integrated security printing solutions
as well as smart cards and RFID products and solutions. Bartar Andishan, their partner in Iran is a company in IT field and communications, providing the best software and hardware for a comprehensive CRM and also security system. Bartar Andishan has been appointed as FingerTec distributor in Iran since 2009.
TACO plans to boost FingerTec sales in Iran in 2010 with various marketing activities and in January, they introduce their own FingerTec catalogue plus video guide in Persian to cater to the Iran market. The video guide includes FingerTec documentary video and product presentation power point file to provide basic information of FingerTec products to its user. Persian is the national language of Iran and most of the business in Iran is using Persian. TACO takes the initiative translate the brochure and produce the catalogue to suit to their local needs.
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