TA300 is the latest attendance machine from FingerTec that works like a mobile gadget. It comes with an internal battery that could last for a maximum of 5 hours.
* Read RFID card (optional) and HID cards (optional)
500 fingerprint templates
30,000 transactions
Read RFID card (default) and HID cards (optional)
Easy Enrolment
Enroll and take attendance with TA300 in a few easy steps.  You can choose to enroll at the terminal or you can do it via TCMS V2 software. From the terminal, push Enroll FP button and follow the instructions given by the machine. Password and Card enrolment also can be done at the terminal itself.
Easy Data Download
Downloading of data to TCMS v2 in a PC is easy with TA300; all you need to do is to plug in the USB cable from TA300 to a PC to download data to TCMS v2 – it works just like a digital camera.
Easy User Management
You can delete users from the terminal by pressing on the DelUser button, however please make sure that you have enrolled administrator to the system to avoid unauthorized deletion.
Easy Installation
TA300 doesn’t need any installation. Just put on a surface and start using TA300 with ease.
Easy on the Pocket
TA300 is suitable for a small medium office, which follows simple attendance rules, and it’s offered at a very competitive price.

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