It’s On!
The FingerTec Distributor Business Guidebook is now ready to be distributed to distributors around the world. The Guidebook contains all you need to know about doing biometrics business the FingerTec way. The objective of the guidebook is to facilitate distributors in developing their local market the most effective way by tapping on FingerTec resources and distribution system. The first step to doing your business the FingerTec way is to get ready to change. The world has changed tremendously and in turn it has changed the way people conduct business. Conventional way might not be as effective because the trends are changing. Before the guidebook is released to any distributor, we will conduct a vetting process to gauge how ready you are for the changes.
What’s in the Guidebook?
The FingerTec Distributor Business Guidebook covers every part of the business to increase sales, improve cash flow and reduce costs. A total of 14 chapters presented covering from preparation stage to Marketing to Logistics until monitoring and checkpoints.
The Business Guidebook also offers appendixes containing samples and templates of emails, newsletter, reports and etc, to assist you in running your FingerTec business.
How to Start?
You may contact your dedicated FingerTec sales personnel if you’re interested to know more about the Business Guidebook. The condition to share the Business Guidebook is when you are ready to adopt FingerTec Way of doing business. Shortly our sales personnel will be approaching you to explain further about the guidebook. We hope that you are excited as we are in making this strategy of uniformity comes true.
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