FingerTec Garnered Interests in Mashahad Iran
Toos Anis Co. Ltd, FingerTec Worldwide’s representative for Iran had participated in Comex 2009, the second largest IT and electronic expo in the country held in Mashahad, the northeast of Iran from 13 to 17 January 2009. Comex 2009 had registered approximately 80,000 visitors, 25% increase of last year’s attendance.
Mr Yaser Assaran and a colleague from Toos Anis of Iran
According to Mr Yaser Assaran, the Business Development Manager of Toos Anis, the visitors were excited about FingerTec and a lot of enquiries were received during the show and he team is following up on the potential leads. FingerTec garnered interests for the fact that the brand name is a Malaysian and it offers Farsi language in all aspects of the marketing as well as the products. Two competitors from Korea and China were present in Comex 2009 but Toos Anis is confident of FingerTec’s potential in the Iran market.
Toos Anis had won the best exhibitor award for their presentation and commitment during the 5-day show.
Mashahad is a holy city of Iranian and it attracts more than 15 million people to the city each year on top of the 6 million city occupants. The next show in Iran will be in the capital Tehran. The Elecomp 2009 will be held in November 2009 and Toos Anis once again will represent FingerTec Worldwide in the exhibition.
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