Exportech and Quadricard Installed FingerTec Access Control At BNP Paribas Bank of Portugal
Exportech, Sole Distributor for FingerTec Products in Portugal, with its Certified Partner Quadricard has successfully installed BNP Paribas Bank in Portugal with FingerTec access control terminals models R2 and AC900 in two different buildings.
Quadricard S.A

Quadricard S.A. is a technological company founded 25 years ago by Fernando Resende, CEO. The company represents several renowned access control brands like Dorma and MBB Gelma. Fernando won a tender to supply the bank with 30 FingerTec biometric access control terminals. All the terminals are installed across eight floors in two different buildings.


“Delivering state of the art products that offer security, reliability and confidence is our core business. The decision to go with FingerTec Products for this project is a continuity of the work we have been developing with Exportech Portugal and with FingerTec Malaysia,” commented Fernando. “We are confident in the market potential of FingerTec products in Portugal and having BNP Paribas as a referral, a part of the convincing task is done,” he added.


Set up in 1985 in Lisbon, BNP Paribas Portugal is the only operational branch of a French Bank settled in Portugal. Selection and procurement of access control systems for BNP Paribas had been carefully carried out through a public tender to ensure that the company’s requirements were fully satisfied.

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