Grupo Ejje Hits Three On Three
Grupo Ejje is a Salvadoran company founded in 1995 by a group of people committed to providing technology solutions that enable more efficient business practices of firms in a competitive regional market. Since 1996 Grupo EJJE has been providing inventory services to companies in the Central American region. These services range from selling and renting equipments and accessories (barcode and magnetic stripes) to provide a full outsourcing solution to customers.
In 2006, Grupo Ejje decided to venture into FingerTec’s time attendance and door access fingerprint system. After having signed an exclusive distributor contract with FingerTec, today not only is Grupo Ejje handling FingerTec sales for El Salvador but also in its neighbouring countries,namely Costa Rica and Guatemala, as a result of having perceived the potential growth of the biometrics industry in these two countries.
What made them stick to FingerTec for three years in a row? The commercial manager of Grupo Ejje, Mr. Omar Alexis Torres divulged that it’s the quick and timely response of the technical support and sales department, the professional remarkable no-nonsense quality of the FingerTec brand, and its spare parts and warranty scheme.

“For the past year and a half, every customer that purchases a FingerTec product gets the right to come to our offices (every Tuesday morning) for a morning training. This activity provides value to the brand. Eventually customers are more satisfied with the product,” explained Mr Jorge José Simán, sales director of Grupo Ejje.

The company also has invested in various marketing activities for FingerTec brand in the region. “Our approach is strategic and not just opportunistic. The only way to build a brand in a market, especially in the Internet era, is to do it strategically,” added Mr Siman.
Grupo Ejje will be one of the sponsors and exhibitors in the Third Latinoamerican Congress held in San Salvador this year and they plan to partake in a few renowned shows in the country.Grupo Ejje has been focusing on TA100 series and AC900, and moving to commit to R2 and Kadex.
FingerTec machines were displayed at a Congress Email advertising by Grupo Ejje


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