Rapid Vigil Recognizes Importance of Good Branding
Rapid Vigil Security Ltd,  a major security company in Nigeria has been FingerTec’s exclusive distributor in this African nation since a year ago. A brief meeting at the Intersec 2008 in Dubai has brought Rapid Vigil to Malaysia to seal the deal as a sole distributor.

Having more than 10-year experience dealing with security products, Rapid Vigil understands the value of branding. Customers are willing to pay premium if a brand promises certain desired qualities and delivers them satisfactorily.  Believing in FingerTec, the company has put a lot of efforts to building FingerTec’s name in Nigeria. The initial step carried out by Rapid Vigil was to introduce the brand to the market using a localized dedicated FingerTec catalogue. Thousands of these unique catalogues were printed, maintaining crucial points in FingerTec’s brand but at the same time  highlighting the essence and value of Rapid Vigil as a renowned security company in Nigeria. The catalogues were spread to the customers and new potentials as one of the  marketing strategies. To further boost the brand exposure, Rapid Vigil showcased FingerTec in one of the largest shows in the country and distributed FingerTec’s flash disk as a soft approach marketing.

With Prince and Theodora from Nigeria

Deputy Managing Director, Ms Theodora Nwenyi acknowledges the importance of FingerTec branding to her market, “We had a difficult time explaining to our customers that Kadex is from FingerTec because the brand name was not printed on the casing. After seeing the product on the latest catalogue, the sales of the Kadex increases steadily because clients are confident that they are getting a good product from a renowned brand,” explained Theodora in our recent meeting in the UK during the Intersec 09.  “My customers are brand-concious and wouldn’t settle for cheap items with no brand or a brand that has no quality,” she stressed.

The aim of Rapid Vigil is to introduce good products and good brands into
the Nigerian market in an effort to create customer’s loyalty. When a company or an organization is attached to a certain brand, sales becomes effortless. For example, it’s hard to try X TV product when you are convinced with the power of Sony Bravia. The first year for FingerTec in Nigeria was focused on building customer’s trust on the FingerTec brand. Later on Rapid Vigil is looking into instilling the need for security products in every company in Nigeria.
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