Selling FingerTec Products in Singapore

SmartSys Solutions Pte Ltd started FingerTec products sale in Singapore since a couple of years ago. Initially, the company started with two available models, AC101 and AC801 Fingerprint Time & Attendance and Access Control System. It was the right size for us and later we grow with broad-based product strategy as building our support capability and product knowledge. Although the basic hardware functions have not been changed over time, more features were introduced.

Through our experience selling FingerTec, we have identified a few key points to selling fingerprint machines effectively.

Taking Questions Seriously
Despite of people’s awareness and knowledge about fingerprint recognition technology, questions pertaining to privacy concerns were often raised during sales meetings.

Will fingerprint templates be stolen and abused?
Can one use the photocopy paper of fingerprint image to commit fraud?
Will reader intermittently fail to identify a fingerprint and how sensitive the fingerprint scanner is?

These questions cannot be discounted, as they involve individual’s privacy issues. Unsatisfactory answers may have adverse effect to purchase decision. Understanding the optical scanner technology and the encoding method may be useful to articulate effectively why these fraudulent actions can be prevented. Some users with bad experience of using fingerprint machine may comment about the downside of fingerprint application. The best way to handle the situation like this is to start the live test by inviting few users to perform fingerprint scanning.


Product Reliability
The reliability of fingerprint reader and the stability of time management software top the criteria list in choosing a product for reselling. On client’s requests and interests, Smartsys offers product evaluation with purchase agreement. The return policy is subject to terms and conditions and evaluation criteria. We have entered agreements with two major customers and we received confirmed orders at the end of the evaluation periods.

Product Knowledge
Knowledge is power. Knowing the products well and able to answer questions from customer during sales meeting will definitely build the prospect’s confidence, which could mean more potential sales. Being first-line of support to local customers,

problem resolution and turnaround time for any technical issues will be constantly praised. It can be judged if sales are boosted and contributed from repeating orders and word of mouth from customer to customer.

Product and Technical Support
Knowing how TCMS V2 works and be able to advise users on certain configuration issues by phone or email create a service differentiation from other competitors. From a user stand point, service downtime can mean the product is not working well or underperforming. Attendance data can be very important to some companies that are dependant on clocking data for calculation of workers’ daily wages and overtime pay. We have few customers who kick-started with one FingerTec terminal at one location and gradually deployed more terminals into multiple locations. These customers have only outsourced IT resources and not computer savvy. We put substantial efforts and time to train key users and to clear any technical obstacles they encountered. We do see the payoff that more terminals are deployed into the customers’ branches and subsidiary offices.


After Sales Service and Support
We learnt from customers, products as such have low switching cost. One of our customers switched from magnetic strip card machine to FingerTec machine. Few customers have had bad experience with previous vendors support and replaced their fingerprint readers with FingerTec terminals. The after sales service support is therefore important to keeping the customers. It takes time for customers to learn and master a system. It is our interest to get customers well verse in using our products and solutions, which in a way we are building the Customer loyalty.

The challenge of selling FingerTec products is how to help customers to overcome the technology barriers, where new users may experience difficulty to scan their fingerprints. Very often, we were asked to revisit

customer sites and guide users on the fingerprint registration procedure and correctness of placing and scanning the fingers. The success factor is to gain user’s acceptance of using the system and to create more sale opportunities through word of mouth, or to win the customers to make the FingerTec Time and Attendance solution as a de facto for all their future projects or business units.

Thiang Cheong-Yew
SmartSys Solutions Pte Ltd, Singapore
June 5, 2009

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