FingerTec Found Partners for Lithuania,
Latvia and Uzbekistan
by Batyr Komurzoev, Sales Manager (CIS Countries)
Lithuania & Latvia
Vilnius Cathedral in Lithuania
On 1st July 2009, SS Solutions Ltd signed with FingerTec Worldwide Sdn Bhd for exclusive distributorship of Lithuania and Latvia. Mr Markas Dubianskis, Managing Director of SS Solutions Ldt, met FingerTec in the recent MIPS exhibition in Moscow. Interested in the products and marketing concepts of FingerTec, SS Solutions moved to secure the distributorships for the two countries.

Mr Markas is very optimistic about the sales of FingerTec in Lithuania and Latvia, although the two countries are experiencing a fall in the economic activities due to the

current global economic slowdown. He plans to follow a strategy of “a right product for the right customer at a right time”.

The target customers will be end users as well as system integrators. Although the two countries are currently experiencing recession, Mr Markas believes that it is still a good time because as the economies starts to recover, he will have an established customer base and judging from the expected growth of biometrics in these countries, he expects a fast increase in sales right after the economic turmoil is over. 
Mr Markas Dubianskis, Managing Director of SS Solutions Ltd at his office
Mr Akmaljon Kosimov, Managing Director of Macokko Elit Ltd, Uzbekistan, had a long way of searching a suitable time attendance and access control systems to introduce to his local market until finally he met FingerTec. He first saw biometric readers about 5 years ago in one of his trips oversees, that time, the systems were not as advanced as today. Recently, Mr Akmaljon bought a few sample units of FingerTec systems and, after seeing the potential of the products in Uzbekistan market, obtained an exclusive distributorship of FingerTec products in that market.

According to Mr Akmaljon, access control and time attendance systems using

Taskent, a capital city of Uzbekistan at night

fingerprint are not so common in Uzbekistan. However, there is an obvious trend of increasing demand for these systems and his marketing team expects encouraging sales figures for the next two years. Mr Akmaljon chose FingerTec due to a number of plausible reasons, mainly attractive price and quality combination, great after sale support and promising brand.

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