Human Touch Customer Support Approach by Retailindo
by Norana Johar, Senior Marketing Manager
Maintaining an edge in a market spoilt with choices is not a simple business but apart from presenting creative marketing strategies and excellent sales tactics to secure sales, a company needs to provide excellent customer support to win client’s preference. The later is the rule, not an option. PT Retailindo of Indonesia embraces this rule and support it with personalize human touches to sustain their customer base in Indonesia.
According to Mr Eviek Gunawan, Managing Director of Retailindo, Indonesian clients value face-to-face training and consultation. “FingerTec offers a lot of help from abroad via the latest IT technologies but we have to do what we do best, (which is) meeting our clients personally to solve their problems” he stressed. Supporting around 40 resellers around Indonesia, Retailindo provides two trainings in two months for every new client to ensure that his customers understand the system well. “We also promise to come to their premise if their machine is problematic but of course there’s a limit to the frequency. Clients in Jakarta are getting this service without transportation charge but we do set a minimal charge if our staff has to go outstation”, he added.

Technical staff of Retailindo travels around Jakarta with motorcycles and as and when outstation travel is required, they will drive to meet the clients. “When customers are convinced that you are taking care of them and not just sell your machine to make money, they build their trust on your company, on your brand,” continued Eviek.

Mr Eviek Gunawan, Managing Director of Retailindo
The policy of Retailindo is to repair immediately any problems faced by their clients and if that fails, the company will loan a machine until the one affected is fixed. “At the end of the day we are dealing with people. No matter how high-tech is the technology, Retailindo believes in strong relationship with our clients,” Eviek ended the conversation.

Currently Retailindo has 9 technical staff that service clients in Jakarta and in a few other cities in Indonesia.

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