FingerTec in India – A Growing Brand
(by Bhooshan Lohiya, Corporate Co-ordinator)
We at Compax are promoting and partnering FingerTec in India and have been instrumental in the growth of the brand in this part of the world. We have groomed the brand from a small baby to a teenager and taken care that it doesn’t get spoilt due to the exploitation in the Indian market.

Support and co-operation from FingerTec has always been phenomenal though at times we have been at crossroads. But that was and will be only on issue to issue. Compax has helped the FingerTec brand to grow in India and the vice versa also stands quite true. The Indian market knows us as FingerTec India and that itself proves our standing throughout.

Though Indian market is one of the most price sensitive markets, we have been able to crack the nut and eat it too. A good brand value can help you get preference and an edge over the so-called cheaper versions of Biometric Systems.

A classic example is the installations we did for a company named ‘BVG INDIA LTD’, headquarters based in Pune and operations throughout the country. The entire requirement is for about 150 units, out of which nearly 60-65 of them have already been installed.

Here we not only got the edge because of the FingerTec brand but also the Compax brand did the trick for us.

The BVG team selected us, thanks to our attitude towards customer, our willingness to implement the system and their past experience with a similar supplier. Apart from being a supplier, we actually became the team member and closely monitored and assisted the entire implementation.

BVG INDIA LTD., is a corporate group engaged in undertaking various types of housekeeping activities. They not only work with local Government authorities but also undertake projects for maintaining the Residences and Offices of the Prime Minister and President of India. They have a network that spreads throughout the country and increasing day in and day out.


Compax-FingerTec was selected for the supply of Biometric Time Attendance software and link it to their ERP Software. The initial supply and installation was undertaken by Compax team and completed successfully. In the mean time, in-house and on-site training was given to the HR team of BVG. The next couple of installations-our team monitored and assisted them, while their team undertook the installation part. This exercise helped them to earn confidence to undertake this activity all by themselves, which not only reduced our support effort but made them more responsible and independent.

Rest all the installations were handled by them and now we are changed from team member to a mere supplier. No regrets though, instead immense pleasure and content on the fact that we have made one of the corporate clients in India independent and confident on the product.

We are still a call away from them and have been, will be, always lending our support when need be.

Not only the brand, but the ways you represent the product and your customer focus helps you gain customer confidence. Customer focus, Customer delight and not just customer satisfaction are the key to gain market standing.
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