Iraq Brimming With Opportunity

Al Salam Company, a leader in electronic security in Iraq, was established in 1989, to distribute, install and integrate security systems such as CCTV, burglar alarm system, access control and time attendance systems to government establishments, banks, universities, and private sectors in the country.

“To maintain ourselves as one of the professional companies in this field, we select our products carefully to ensure that we meet the Iraqi’s market demands,” according to Dr Riyadh, Managing Director of Al-Salam Company.  “For access control products only, we have dealt with various brands from the USA, Canada, Europe and South Asia. The common problem these products have are that they don’t have Arabic software, reports are weak and communications are limited between the supplier and us,” added him to Hi-Tech Human Touch.

Dr Riyadh, Managing Director of Al-Salam Company
Dr Riyadh and Dr Sundus from Al Salam company
Al Salam started dealing with FingerTec since January 2008 after the meeting with FingerTec at the Intersec Dubai 2008. “We prefer FingerTec because of its localized software, various communication options which include USB flash disk. English, while understood, is not popular in the market. People are looking for Arabic software,” commented Dr Riyadh about the reasons he chooses to represent FingerTec. With the painstaking reconstruction of the war-torn land, Dr Riyadh sees the opportunity of FingerTec products to be used by various companies. “We think we have successfully introduced FingerTec brand to the industry, and we will work extra hard to make sure that FingerTec is a name to look for when door access or time attendance is required,” said Dr Riyadh, hopeful.
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