Binary Global Technology Deploys i-Kiosk 100 at Government Agency for Attendance
FingerTec’s reseller in the east coast of Malaysia, Binary Global Technology has successfully deployed 11 units of FingerTec i-Kiosk 100 for Kemubu Agriculture Development Authority (KADA), in Kelantan. KADA is a government agency responsible for agriculture development under the Department of Agriculture, Malaysia.

According to the Project Manager/Engineer of Binary Global Technology, Mr Mazru Suhaidi, they had taken three months to win this project and despite the stiff price competition faced from China products, they were chosen based on the solid project proposal presented to the committee.

The project
The project was divided into 2 phases, headquarters and branches. The headquarters is located in the city centre, Kota Bharu where 5 units of ikiosk 100 and FRIS II are installed for 600 users. The other 6 units are installed in 6 different branches across the northern part of the state. Average number of users for each branch is between 60 to 70 people.
Headquarters and branches
The i-Kiosk 100 units for this agency are solely intended for time attendance.  The first phase registrations were done at one terminal at the headquarters and the templates were transferred to the other 4 terminals accordingly. For the second phase, registrations were done at individual branch where data then was downloaded into the main TCMS (Server).  All i-Kiosk 100 units are connected to FRIS II for data centralization only. Fingerprint matching is not done online to avoid complications. Fingerprint templates are stored inside individual readers for verification and data from each terminal is downloaded automatically to FRIS II, twice everyday.
System Architecture
In the headquarters, all terminals and TCMS V2 are connected via TCP/IP. In the branches however i-Kiosk 100 terminals are connected to local network switch using TCP/IP and through the Internet cloud to FRIS II Server using VPN. TCMS for the branches are connected to FRIS II at the headquarters also via VPN. All connections from readers are directed to FRIS II, and FRIS II to TCMS. Only one TCMS, at the computer server is connecting directly to the terminal. That server keeps all the data and backups from all the terminals.
Clocking data from terminals will be downloaded by FRIS everyday twice and TCMS’s PC will access the updated data by downloading it from the FRIS II. Each department downloads data for users from the respective department to better manage users’ attendance.
Customer Feedback
The administration staff welcomes deployment of i-Kiosk 100 in this agency. They see biometrics system as a tool to better manage their human resources. Preparation for payroll and OT calculation are made simpler by TCMS. Some staff however, had difficulties to get their fingers verified for almost one month. Knowing that biometrics system involves human behavior, Binary Global stationed technicians and engineers to educate the users and therefore, solved the problem.
The Future

“We maintain the relationship well with the agency and we are looking forward to continue to the 3rd phase where sub-branches will be involved,” said Mazru. Sub-branches number is definitely more than the branch, and the headquarters is also looking to consider door access system of FingerTec.

Binary Global Technology Sdn Bhd started with FingerTec early 2008 and they have installed in a few government agencies and private companies throughout Kelantan. Two of the clienteles, Manakas (M) Sdn Bhd and MPV-Malaysia Sdn Bhd,  are international companies from Frankfurt, Germany. “They are content with the performance of FingerTec products,” said Mazru. “We are also very excited to market Face ID 2 to the market in 2010,” he added to Hi-Tech Human Touch.
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