Stood Out in Hong Kong
( by Norana Johar, Senior Marketing Manager )
Yours truly having a discussion with a potential client Ms Daniella

China Sourcing Fair HK 2009 closed its curtain on Thursday 15th October after four full days of exhibition at the AsiaWorld-Expo halls in Hong Kong. Though the event was not specific to security products as any other shows we have joined this far, it drew crowds from the world over. Some skeptics advised us to stay away from any shows that highlight products from China for the good of the brand but we reckoned we could agree to disagree.

Being a Malaysian company in a sea of China companies made us stood out. Having me wearing a scarf and the presence of a Malaysian flag in front of the booth pulled people in or at least made them stop.

Security products section in the China Sourcing Fair is fairly new and therefore, relatively small. There were a few competitions from the regular names but apart from that, this show was used as the platform to introduce the latest face recognition technology to the market. FingerTec is amongst the first to introduce our latest Face ID 2 in this show.  The new products received a lot of attention from countries where storing of user fingerprints is deemed violating privacy and human rights.
The Idea of Selling Concepts

My colleague in Hong Kong, Elvis Law, is so worked up about the idea of selling concept. “We can’t sell fingerprint system like a regular salesman,” stressed him. “Buy more at lesser price is not going to cut it, especially not in Hong Kong. To stay long and healthy, we have to sell concepts. The partners need to know how to sell concepts of fingerprint system to grab a bigger fish,” he added. I couldn’t agree more with him. Knowing the specs and basic functions of the system is insufficient to attend to customers at enterprise level. To compete merely on pricing will sink the whole ship. Resellers or partners need to be educated about the possible applications of the system. They need to be convinced that there are other clients who have implemented the system in specific industry; they need to open their eyes for opportunities and feeling confident to grab them.

While the target sectors are very apparent, time attendance and door access, there are some questions, which remain unanswered. For example, in which industry, how is the implementation, what are the challenges, what are we lacking, what are substitutes we could offer, how do we go about promoting our products in different industries and environments? How to prepare a good proposal to grab the chance? Once resellers and partners are confident about the concept and the whole system implementation, engaging customers would be easier.

After almost a decade of business, FingerTec has been implemented in many industries and sectors across the globe. We have done banking, retail, government, private, arm forces, chain stores, and a lot more. What we have to do now is to present the ideas to all our partners so that can use them for reference. While we do our part, we also need your help to enrich our resources.

Starting last month, we feature “Report To Us Your Successful Project” in our monthly newsletter. We want to know more about what you have done to share it with others who could implement the same thing in different areas. It’s not much to ask and we welcome the information from all our customers.
Coming back to the show, we met a few familiar faces such as Mr Tomas Sardinha and Donovan Bird from South Africa, Mr Jiri Wurtherle from Checz Republic and Ms Mary from Panama.

Tamy with Ms Maryluz Rodriguez

We are not threatened to be among companies from China, we know our edge. The ability to be different in a pool of monotonous bunch, made us stood out in a crowd. Our next destination is China Sourcing Fair Mumbai 2009 at booth no. 1N89.
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