STAD Libya Bets on i-Kiosk 100 Plus
( by Benacer Douadi, Regional Sales Manager, Middle East )

STAD or known as Service Technology And Development Center is a leading company in security and protection systems such as; access control and time attendance system, fire alarm system and CCTV system. Located in Benghazi the 2nd largest city in Libya, STAD is a provider of security technology applications for the financial, manufacturing, security and medical sectors.

STAD is dealing with FingerTec® brand of biometrics system since 2008. According to the director, Mr Fethi, FingerTec® products become widely spread in several different sectors in Libya, including governments for example, Jowfe company for Oil, Al-Jalaa Hospital, 7th. October Hospital, National Company for Growth and private sectors such as Al-Ekleel company for constructions and Al-Manara Hotel.


STAD always makes sure that they are distributing quality brands and products to gain confidence from the market. Apart from FingerTec® products, STAD is also supplying some renowned brands of security system from Korea and Germany.

The focus of STAD for FingerTec® in the Libyan market is i-Kiosk 100 Plus with access control and time attendance functions. “Besides offering the expedience of multiple verification methods, it is user-friendly and is furnished with high color resolution, which made the customers happy”, explained Fethi. “We are working hard to build a name for FingerTec in Lybian market.”

SATD also offers technical support and installation services to all its clients, which setting the standard for excellence in the consumer and corporate business.

Mr Fathi Elberjo (Director) and Eng. Nasser Elzawi (Project Manager)

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