The Going Gets Tough in the Philippines
( by Tew Bee Lay, Sales Manager )

Regielou and I arrived in Manila in the early dawn greeted by a welcoming weather. We expected rain, as I read in the news that another storm was about to hit the north of the Philippines but luckily the weather was kind to us in the week we were there.

The aftermath of “Ondoy” is devastating.  I was shown the pictures below by the survivors of the typhoon in Metro Manila, taken 3 days after the storm. The photos were taken by my friend Arnel, whose house is badly affected by the storm. He stranded and could not return home for 3 frustrating days.
Joy, Regie and Bee Lay
Joy who works in ELID International Inc is also one of the victims of the typhoon. She told us that all her belongings are destroyed and even the clothes that she was wearing are provided by generosity of her friends.  She had to climb up to the rooftop with her two children and mother, while watching her house submerged into the dirty murky water from the flood.
There are more stories to tell but we are in the Philippines with an objective to understand the fingerprint market and update our resellers on latest FingerTec range of products.  Equipped with selected FingerTec demo sets, we visited several companies and had some enlightened discussions along the way.  I have conducted several trainings and obtained some useful feedback from the participants. Having face-to-face encounters really brought a lot of good to both sides to resolve issues and also plenty of sharing in all aspects.  We will continue to strive in improving on our weaknesses and working hard collectively in order to build the name for FingerTec in Philippines, which has a population of 93 million people. 
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