Solo Un Precio’s Pilot Project With FingerTec
( by Darynel Ayala, Managing Director of Solo Un Precio )

Solo Un Precio is a Mexican company store with high quality products and attractive prices. At our stores you will find a great variety of products; such as cleaning utensils, decorations, clothes, beauty products, seasoned merchandise and a huge variety of edible products. We are the company with the fastest growing rate in the North West of Mexico. With over 50 stores, our growing rate is more than 40% average. Our sales by square feet are one of the biggest in the industry and we have a share sales price of 1 dollar.

Our stores can be found in the biggest cities of Mexico, located mainly in the most important plazas and malls. In 2006, we became part of the Waldo’s Family but we continue to be an independent network.

During the growth of our company throughout these years, we were required to find an equipment to manage the uploading of employee time records into our payroll system. In the pursuit of new technologies we found FingerTec, a company with the particular equipment that fulfills all our needs.

We decided to set up a pilot project in our 7 stores in the beginning of the year 2009. FingerTec’s interface software adapted easily into our payroll system and the results of the first 2 months during the pilot project were successful. We are glad that the automation of the payroll eliminated more hours consumed just to update our database manually.

Based on the success of the recently acquired fingerprint technology, we decided to implement it in
10 more stores. The FingerTec TA102 terminals for time and attendance installed in our branches work without any problems and with the consistent satisfactory results, This gave us the guidelines to set up the standard implementation on our 50 stores and 3 distribution centers in the Solo un Precio network. All in all, we are very pleased to highly recommend you this fingerprint technology from FingerTec.


Darynel Ayala, Managing Director of Solo Un Precio
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