We Invite You to Join FingerTec Technical Forum!

Starting middle of May 2009, FingerTec is pleased to introduce FingerTec Technical Forum to all our resellers local and overseas. Sited at the Technical Tips microsite, the FingerTec Technical Forum is intended to become THE platform for our resellers worldwide to discuss about FingerTec products’ technical and software issues, as well as other relevant issues.

Not only that this forum could solve the issues we have at hand, but also it is able to create a community of FingerTec family from around the globe. Questions can be posted and answers can be offered by any of our available resellers with the technical know-how. FingerTec technical personnel from time to time will update members of the forum with software updates and patches, hardware features upgrades, etc, with the objective to make every reseller well informed of the latest news and updates.

The forum is opened to all resellers that have registered with us online. For those who have not registered to access to our online resources particularly to access to our Technical Tips microsite, kindly go to www.fingertec.com/registration to do so. The registration is simple and approval will be given within 24 hours.

We welcome everybody to participate in FingerTec Technical Forum to gain more knowledge about the FingerTec products and the systems, to talk about the industry, to contribute good ideas and to know each other better. Login to the Technical Tips to join FingerTec Technical Forum soon!

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