FingerTec Comparative
Advantages and Application Scenarios

Many companies and corporations seek after fingerprint technology in time attendance these days because the system has been proven to provide better employee management and control. “You are you” concept that only biometrics can offer has been able to solve many problems arising from traditional time clock such as punch card system or even electronic card system i.e proximity and smart card, such as buddy punching, lost of cards, inaccurate reporting, etc.

This article feature comparative advantages between FingerTec fingerprint system, the comparative advantages between FingerTec, FingerTec System Advantages and FingerTec application scenarios.

FingerTec Comparative Advantage: FingerTec VS Punch Card System

Reduce Cost, Improve Efficiency, Increase Quality

Punch Card System
  • Operation Convenience
The use of fingerprint is simple, nobody forgets to bring his fingerprint to work.
Verification takes a second and it speeds up.
Staff have to carry card to record attendance or to gain access.
Staff need to
  • Better Discipline Control
There is no way to cheat time with “you are you” concept. “Buddy punching” where a colleague could punch time for other staff is always an option.
  • Setup cost
Time Attendance:
Terminal cost, software included plus software training (if required)

Access Control:
Terminal Cost + Installation Cost + Training and Commissioning

Terminal Cost + Card Cost (recurring monthly) + Installation Cost + Training and Commissioning Cost + Maintenance Cost
  • Variable Operating Cost
Prism is wear and tear part, which needs to be cleaned to maintain a longer lifespan. Changing of prism is very economical. Punch card system: Card needs to be replenished every month, ink ribbons to be changed, clock tuning and mechanical parts worn off.
  • Labor Operating Cost
Employee data is keyed into the system once, automatic duty roster management, report preparations are generated by the system, audit trail is available and it reduces human error in calculation and reporting. Punch card: Data entry and calculation are manually done, prone to human error. Duty Roster management and reports are manually prepared, posing inaccuracy risk. Genuine attendance data is disputable because cards can be exchanged between employees.
  • Software Support
Free software support and software upgrades. Manual calculation and self generated reports.
  • Deployment Flexibility
Light weighted terminal with USB interface available is suitable for any place with or without network availability.

DIY setup materials are available as standard package.

Single system manages multiple terminals and different models.

Extra space is required for keeping the punch cards.

Heavy manual workload is proportional to the number of punch card machines installed and cards used.

  • Data Management
Data needs to be enrolled and inputted once into the system and transferable to other terminals and computers over network.

Automatic and scheduled data download is available.

Simple full system data backup and restore function is provided.Centralized data management
Labor intensive where data has to be inputted by administration personnel at the end of the month for attendance records and salary calculations.

Keeping of employee’s used cards require space and management.

  • Management Monitoring
Monitoring can be done over TCP/IP from a remote site for example from headquarters by instant data download. When data is manually inputted at month end, even though monitoring is possible, the data is scattered and not centralized.
  • System Extension
Different models can work under the same software management

Access control terminals can be added to the current system without disrupting any software or hardware operation

Huge user database is made possible via FingerTec FRIS II
Not possible due to system design limitation and no connectivity.
  • Data preparation for 3rd party system
     e.g. payroll
Attendance data can be exported based on user self-definable table format to MS Excel, ASCII and ODBC.

DiGiPAY (RRP: RM699) payroll software can be linked to FingerTec for comprehensive payroll.Available for Malaysia market only for the moment.

Data is manually prepared therefore slow, inaccurate and tedious.

15 FingerTec System Advantages

  1. FingerTec offers complete fingerprint platform that supports time attendance and access control system

  2. Every package of FingerTec comes with self-guided manuals and videos for easy operation.

  3. System Development Kit (SDK) is available for free to all FingerTec resellers who want to do integration.

  4. Complete network communication interface is available including on-board TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB (select models).

  5. FingerTec display is available in multiple languages and software is offered in various languages to suit to different customers around the world. New language inclusion can be done upon requests.

  6. Fingerprint recognition is fast and accurate with standard optical sensor and UPEK sensor as an option.

  7. FingerTec offers multiple verifications which include fingerprint, card and password in one system to offer convenience and choice to clients.

  8. FingerTec fingerprint and card models offer RFID card as standard and HID and MIFARE as optional made-to-order. All types of readers and card systems can be linked to one system for effective management.

  9. FingerTec card readers TimeLine and Kadex come with on-board TCP/IP, USB and display panel, which are rare in other similar card readers available in the market.

  10. FingerTec offers TCMS V2 software in its standard package without any additional cost. TCMS V2 is comprehensive software that covers time attendance requirements as well as door access control with 22 printable reports available.

  11. FingerTec offers central multi-models, multi-terminals management over TCP/IP with TCMS V2 latest version, which accepts 255 terminals at any one time.

  12. TCMS V2 has straightforward system backup mechanism for ease of use and peace of mind.

  13. Attendance data from FingerTec terminals can be exported based on user self-definable table format to MS Excel, ASCII and ODBC for 3rd party system.

  14. Free upgrade of FingerTec TCMS V2 can be obtained online at Technical Tips and User Microsite without any additional cost.

  15. Comprehensive data is prepared and published online through FingerTec eight support websites for easy support.

Application Scenarios

Scenario A: Installation of FingerTec System For Small Scale Corporate Size

Corporate Type:
SME with less than 50 staff with one office or a retail store

Applicable Model:
TA100 Series or TimeLine100 for Time Attendance, R2/AC900/i-Kiosk 100 For Door Access

Application Summary:
Find out customer’s requirements in detail before suggesting any models:

Lists of questions to ask:

Which system is required? Fingerprint only, Card only or combination.

The purpose of the system? Time Attendance only, Door Access Only or combination.

What type of connection preferred? TCP/IP. RS232. RS485, USB

How important is data retrieved from these terminals? Highly, Moderately, Not That Important

Do they have any existing system? Punch card, card system

How many units they plan to install? Do they have any existing system?

What is the budget? The budget determines the model being suggested.

If no access control required and fingerprint is a preferred time attendance system, recommend TA102.

If no access control required and fingerprint & card is a preferred time attendance system, recommend TA103-R.

If no access control required but the client prefers to have a card system only, recommend TimeLine 100.

If access control is requested and client wants fingerprint and card with USB, R2 is recommended.

If access control is requested and the client wants fingerprint system but is concerned about budget, recommend AC900 but please explain that AC900 does not have any USB port and it does not read any card.

If access control is requested and the client does not have restriction on the budget but wants state-of-the-art product, i-kiosk 100 Plus or i-Kiosk 100 or Q2i is the better suggestion.

If access control is requested and the client wants card system, recommend Kadex.


Scenario B: Installation of FingerTec System For Medium to Large Scale Corporate Size

Corporate Type:
Companies with branch offices and requires centralized time attendance and individual access control management.

Applicable Model:
TA100 Series or TimeLine100 for Time Attendance, R2/AC900/i-Kiosk 100 For Door Access

Application Summary:
As corporate is looking for centralized staff attendance system which supports not only local office but also branches and regional office through private/open network, each office requires at least one FingerTec terminal installed with TCP/IP connection. FingerTec reader with USB port is recommended as backup option during connection problem period.

To ensure effective enrollment and commissioning of the system, the headquarters is responsible to allocate a range of user IDs for the branch office employees, set up of duty roaster and enrollment of fingerprint, if required. All the data must be available prior to any installation and enrollment for smooth operation.

During daily operation, the headquarters using automatic preset daily schedule can download every branch attendance data or they can export data manually from the branch office. When the data has been collected, the headquarters has the entire staff’s attendance data for analysis.

For a requirement that requires user database of more than the reader could offer, FRIS II is the application to be considered.

Human Resource department can centralize the account setup and fingerprint registration in the headquarters by using PC-based FingerTec OFIS TA.

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