TA100 DIY and TCMS v2.2


TA100 DIY is integrated with time attendance calculation logic, and it works without TCMS v2 software. Administrator can predefine or change the clocking settings for groups, to fit the working scenario. It makes TA100DIY easy to handle. However the time attendance calculation logic in TA100DIY is basic, not as complicated as TCMS v2. In some scenario the basic time attendance calculation logic cannot fulfill complicated working environment. Check below for the differences of TA100DIY and TCMS v2.2.

The Differences of TA100DIY and TCMS v2. 2

See below for the main differences of old and new TCMS v2.



TCMS v2.2

Software operation platform

Embedded into the flash memory of core board by default. Software cannot un-install or re-install, but can upgrade (if any new feature added).

Running on all Window OS. Easy to install or un-install in any other PC. Able to do online upgrade to upgrade to the latest version.


Currently support English, Indonesian and Spanish.

Support 16 different languages

Size of database

800 users and 30000 transactions logs only. Not able to expand.

Depends on the size of hard disk. Able to grow day by day.

User Management

User can enroll via fingerprints or password. Administrator can assigned users into company or department. Administrator can copy users from 1 terminal and upload to any other TA100DIY via USB pen drive.

Administrator can assign users into different working schedules.

Easy to transfer users among all terminals via networking or USB pen drive.

Administrator can enroll, edit or delete users in the software.

Administrator can insert all users details for every user, such as name, personal details, department, working shift, etc.

Time Attendance Features

Only able to support normal working hours. Maximum is 4 different schedules.

Support normal working hours, overnight working hours, flexible working hours, rotating working shift, multiple working shift, open working shift. Total is 1000 different working schedules.

Able to calculation working time, OT, and short time.

Able to calculate working time, OT, Different OT, short time. It has new calculation, where OT only calculated if total working time is exceeding predefined time per week (or per month).

Not available.

Work codes could be inserted to indicate special attendance data, example training, Out station, business trip etc.

Not available.

Administrator can edit attendance data for users in case of special event.

Terminal will change clocking status automatically to suit users’ clocking status. Improper clocking status definition affects time attendance calculation.

Users only verify to report attendance. All transaction logs are filtered and handle by clocking settings in software to process time attendance calculation.

Door Access Control Features

Not available.

Allow configuring 50 sets of time zones (Monday to Sunday in a week), and 50 sets of group time zones to control users accessibilities.

Allow to configure different verification method for users (in group or individual users). Different group of users is using different verification method (fingerprint only, fingerprint with cards etc) to open a door.

Pictures and Photo Download-Upload to color screen models.

Not available.

Administrator can download-upload pictures with terminals.

Administrator can download upload users photo to terminals, so photo published after verification done at terminals.

(these features only available with color models with FEM 510 core board or above).


Data Download

Data only download into USB pen drive as XML files. The files are report for viewing only.

Automatic or Manual Download via networking, RS232, RS485 or USB pen drive.

Data exporting

Manually export clocking data into TEXT file format. Clocking data from different terminals can append into 1 terminal to generate attendance.

Automatic raw clocking data exporting during download process.



The report in XML format can converted into XLS for calculation.

To arrange attendance data into corresponding format and to export into different file format (.TXT, .XLS or ODBC) for payroll or 3 rd party software.


Only 3 time attendance reports are ready for users.

To provide 18 types of time attendance reports and 4 types of access control reports for evaluation.

User Interface

Simple design without any design

New design wallpaper and easy understanding icons to ease administrator to handle the software.

Software Upgrade

Currently not available.

Free Life-Time upgrade.

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