Greener Pastures In Biometrics
by Regielou Rolloque, Sales Manager (Hispanic Market)

The world offers a lot of adventures. My eternal curiosity for uncharted waters has contributed to my mobile lifestyle. As I learn new things from the news and in books I’ve read and stories I’ve heard from people from different walks of life, I have often wondered if the grass is really greener on the other side. Most of the time it was worth taking the risk.

My love for languages didn’t wane even until after I finished my degree in Psychology. For anyone who has an affinity to learning languages, it was easier to start to learn Spanish where I came from. The continuous learning of the language took me to enriching encounters with various industries: from resins and thermoplastics, to hotel stay points and reservations, and presently in fingerprint technology in time attendance management with FingerTec – all these transitions I considered at first out of sheer luck (even though I firmly believe nothing happens by chance). This kind of diversity was invigorating because even though I was always anxious at the beginning and was almost always reluctant when it comes to sudden changes, I often made it through.

Regielou Rolloque

My previous perception of fingerprint technology was that it was only confined to the government and private sector. Even my earlier work environment for five years still used punch cards to track our workday clockings. With my move to FingerTec, a slew of things mostly technical came to my attention along with the responsibility of handling the Hispanic market in Latin America . As with new beginnings, I did feel a little dumbfounded and perplexed at first about the things I ought to be handling on a day-to-day basis.

After having spent 18 months with FingerTec, I realized that the more I learn, the less I know. The biometrics industry I got into was as diverse and dynamic as the products involved in it. Technology always reinvents itself; something novel always comes up, be it a new product feature or a TCMS v2 software addition. After all, a progressive company has to consistently update and upgrade its products to keep up with the ever-changing demands.

Having been exposed to the Hispanic market for about 5 years, I could infer that even though Latin America is no stranger to biometrics, it still wants to navigate technology’s roadmap slowly but surely. The resellers in this part of the world are very keen to try on new products like any other but they also want to do the transition smoothly, to test the waters and see if the market they’re attending to is ready for it or if clients respond favorably to it. Otherwise it won’t be a win-win situation for dealers and end-users.

The Hispanic populace is aware that if it must make its way to the pinnacle of technology as a group of developing countries, it must make its move now by slowly sampling new products with new features at their own comfortable pace, although it also must not be too complacent to get left behind.

There’s no doubt that the TA100 Series is FingerTec’s bestselling model in Latin America, followed by the AC100 series, AC900, R2, and Kadex.

On the other hand, it’s a good sign that the iKiosk 100 series that came out earlier this year is gaining popularity as FingerTec’s premier multimedia colour time attendance and door access system. Moreover, the market in Latin America is slowly recognizing FingerTec’s colour time attendance terminal like the TA200 Plus as the next “in” thing in time attendance fingerprint system.

No matter what challenges I will face with the FingerTec team in my stay here, I would still feel blessed to be handling the Hispanic market. It’s because I always see a lot of potential and opportunities for it to keep up with a continuously evolving industry and how FingerTec does help the Latin American market to achieve some of their modernization goals. Indeed I feel lucky that amidst the tough competition and the recession, I am a part of one of Malaysia’s innovative and progressive companies and that I am able to help FingerTec’s esteemed dealers and distributors to find a better route to greener pastures in the biometrics industry.
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