FingerTec Introduces Slave Readers

Master/slave is a model for communication protocol in which one device (master) controls one or more other devices or processes (known as slaves). Once the master/slave relationship is established, the direction of control is always from the master to the slave(s).  Another terms that could be used to refer to the same model is primary/secondary. 

In this model, only master stores memory and the slaves do as the master says or instructed.
FingerTec Worldwide is pleased to introduce our latest slave readers, R2i for fingerprint RFID card reader and i-Kadex for RFID reader. 

R2i shall be connected to R2 that has eleven pins in the rear and i-Kadex shall be connected to Kadex reader.

The availability of the slave readers saves cost significantly, as the slaves can act as OUT reader at a much reduced price. Complete fingerprint system or card system is achievable through master/slave model.

i-Kadex Manual
R2i Manual

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