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Smart Home System

Smart Home System is a concept, whereby different services are integrated within a home by using a common communication system for a better quality of living. Smart Home defines home environment that is able to respond and adjust itself constantly based on its diverse residents and their changeable needs. Smart Homes are proving to be a great way to differentiate new construction and homes on the market for sale. Biometrics system has been used and considered greatly as an interface to control the smart home system.

Smart Home concept brings biometrics and specifically FingerTec to another level of sophistication in its usage.

The aim of this paper is to provide FingerTec resellers with ideas on how to expand the business of FingerTec from merely time attendance and access control to other areas of application and in this issue, Smart Home System.
The idea
FingerTec machines are allowed to communicate with the smart home system controller and trigger other commands from the controller.
The objective
To lessen the use of keys, to make the system more secured with biometrics key and to feature a sophisticated high technology to the state-of-the-art smart home system.
Technology Characteristics of FingerTec Solution

The FingerTec® AC900 comes with 4 types of communication methods, which are TCP/IP, RS232, RS485 and 26-bit Weigand output. When AC900 works with the Smart Home System controller, 26-bit Weigand output is the most important communication protocol.

Every time a user verifies at the AC900, the AC900 will output 26-bit Weigand output automatically. The 26-bit Weigand consists of user ID (9-digit user ID) and transaction code (00 ~ 99). The Smart Home System controller accepts the output and verifies it with its local memory.

The transaction code is used as a command to the Smart Home System controller to carry out requested operation i.e. to arm alarm system, to open door, to turn off power supply etc.
The FingerTec® AC900 as Enrollment, Verification and Capturing Station
The function of FingerTec® AC900 is to enroll and to verify users’ fingerprints. AC900 can store up to 1500 fingerprint templates and 100,000 transaction logs. It can support at least 750 persons (each user with 2 fingerprints enrolled) during normal operation. Each user is assigned with a unique 9-digit user ID.

The AC900 is enabled with Work Code. Every time a user verifies at AC900, he/she must press the keypad to insert a 2-digit numeric numbers to the system. If he/she failed to insert the Work Code, AC900 does not accept the transaction log.

Example: A user with ID 001575489 verifies his fingerprint successfully and inserts a code by pressing the AC900 keypad, 58. AC900 outputs 26-bit Weigand output, which contains user ID (001575489) and work code (58) after the verification.
Operations of Smart Home System Controller

All user ID enrolled in FingerTec® AC900 must be inserted into the Smart Home System controller. If the new user ID is not added in the Smart Home System Controller, the user cannot interact with the Smart Home System controller after verification. This is to avoid any misuse of the system.

As mentioned, FingerTec® AC900 always output 26-bit Weigand output (consists of 9-digit user ID and 2-digit work code) after verification. Smart Home Controller receives the 26-bit Weigand output via its integrated 26-bit Weigand input port. Smart Home Controller continues to check the user ID, to ensure the user ID is valid in the system. If the user ID is invalid in Smart Home System controller, it stops the next operation.  If the user ID is valid, Smart Home System controller continues to check the transaction code and to proceed to request operation i.e. to enable alarm system.
The work code represents different command to the Smart Home System. Every time, user must verifies his/her fingerprint before he can input a command. However user normally has a checklist of the relationship of Work Code and the corresponding command. Example is as below.
Work Code Command in Smart Home System Controller
58 Enable alarm system
59 Disable alarm system
33 Turn ON CCTV system
31 Turn OFF CCTV system
75 Turn ON ventilation system
Smart Home System enhanced with FingerTec® AC900

Different from any conventional Smart Home System where password is used to control all command inputs, FingerTec® AC900 provides higher security to control the Smart Home System. User no longer need to remember his password or expose his password, instead he is using fingerprint to control the system.

FingerTec® AC900 work to control accessibilities of the premise, at the same time it works as control station of the Smart Home System, as multiple feature station.
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