Corporate Communications in FingerTec Products
( by Norana Johar, Senior Marketing Manager )

Corporate Communication is a relatively new term in the business world, which implies communication from the corporate (boss) to the publics (workers). People in the past were using memos. The need for corporate communication is becoming more and more important, as the business world is getting more complex every day. If previously mobile phones were invented to receive calls, now they are having a lot more functions that before to accommodate the needs of today’s users. SMS or text is one of the must have function in all mobile phones.

FingerTec started with ten years back with very basic readers, which can verify fingerprints and store data only. Later, the requirements become more multifaceted and users are looking for a time attendance product, which can do more than just verify users. Recognizing the needs, FingerTec introduces corporate communication features in all our colored products earlier this year. FingerTec partners welcome the move and FingerTec will be moving towards making these features default in all its systems by next year.

SMS – Short Messaging System
FingerTec products offer two types of short messaging system – public and personal. Public message is meant for all users to view while personal message is exclusively for the audience it intends to reach.
Pressing on the ‘User Mng’ on Menu will bring you to this page. It offers option to create new sms, edit the existing sms or delete existing sms.
Alphabets are available. Push asterisk (*) button to get that option. Option to choose the type of sms, public or personal and the valid time for the message
Personal message is also available but it must be directed to a certain user ID. After the intended user verifies his/her fingerprint, the message will appear on the screen.
The public message will appear when each time personnel get verified.
It is recommended to key in and manage the messages via TCMS. With this sms feature, corporate can get creative to communicate with their publics effectively. Remembering important dates such as staff’s birthdays might give a sense of belonging to the personnel. Important meetings, appointments can be set and published on FingerTec terminals for effective communications.
Advertisement Clips
FingerTec also offers feature to highlight advertisement clips to customers. The idle terminal is now can be used as advertisement kiosk for visitors and staff alike. The upload of the clips are made easy via TCMS V2  and you can change your message or advertisements as often as you like.

Corporate Communication feature is available in all colored FingerTec terminals.

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