FingerTec Software Runs Well in Microsoft® Windows 7
( by Henry Pang, Product Development Manager )

Recently, Microsoft® launches the latest OS, Windows 7 to the public and in conjunction with the new release of Windows version, FingerTec® R&D made the effort to test the software with TCMS V2. The test was done to detect bugs when the TCMS V2 runs in Windows 7

We run the following software in Windows 7
1 FingerTec® TCMS v2.2.005
2 Founder DiGiPAY v3.2
3 FingerTec® BioBridge SDK
4 FingerTec® OFIS SDK (Server and Client)
5 FingerTec® Data Processor

All of the above software works well in Windows 7. Note: FingerTec® only runs TCMS V2 software in English during the tests.

Please kindly inform us at if you encounter any difficulties to run TCMS V2 with other languages in Windows 7.
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