New Feature in TCMS V2 Viewer – Audit List
( by Ery, Technical Support Executive )

TCMS V2 Viewer is a tool from FingerTec® to provide easy viewing of attendance records through web browser. The tool is now featuring audit list, a new page for real-time monitoring of user attendance and access records. Heads of department or supervisor can login into TCMS V2 Viewer in their PC or laptop to monitor the movement of their staff.

To upgrade to the latest version of TCMS v2 Viewer, follow the steps below
Step 1 Download the installation. Click here to download
Step 2 Uninstall the old version of TCMS V2 Viewer from your PC.
Step 3 Re-install with the new version and configure the settings according to the previous version
Before you can start to use the Audit List, you must do the followings first
1 Start TCMS V2 software.
2 Enable the “online-monitoring” function in TCMS V2 software.
The new TCMS V2 Viewer only works with TCMS V2.2 or above. Please make sure your TCMS V2 software is up-to-date before you can use TCMS V2 Viewer.
How to use Audit List feature?
Step 1

Access to the TCMS V2 Server (PC with TCMS V2 and TCMS V2 viewer installed) by using web browser i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozila FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari.
Insert the User ID and Password. Please kindly take that only Administrator has the right to run the Audit List from TCMS V2 Viewer.

Click Login.
Step 2

You will see “Administrator” on top of the page to indicate your authority as Administrator. Click “Audit List” to start to run the new feature.

Step 3

Now TCMS V2 Viewer reads into TCMS V2 software database to obtain information. There are 5 settings on top of the table, which are

Terminal ID – Insert the terminal ID to filter records downloaded from this terminal.
User ID – Insert User ID to filter the records of this particular user.
Date Range – Define the date range to filter records happen in these days.

Refresh – Define the time for web browser to refresh for new records.
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