Crowds Flooded FingerTec Booth at ExpoSeguridad Mexico
The ExpoSeguridad Mexico, an event showcasing security equipments and services on April 22-24 2008 turned out to be a very successful event for our partner, FingerTec Mexico. The FingerTec® booth was set up with a wide-screen TV displaying FingerTec’s commercial video of “Ghost Story” which stresses on the importance of a good door access and time attendance system to eliminate “buddy punching” activities and to get rid of the “ghost” in the office who steals time and intangible items.

There were about 4,000 brochures with comparative table of FingerTec® products and more than 2,000 CDs with video compilation of the various FingerTec fingerprint readers distributed during the show.

Ms. Heydie Martinez, FingerTec Mexico’s Logistic and Reseller Support Manager, told us that the response to the booth was overwhelming and they managed to collect a database of more than 500 integrators. A total of 8 people manning the exhibition stand had to handle huge traffic in the booth and a few the technical persons were assigned to lend their expertise to distributors and integrators who inquired about the technical ramifications of the products.

“Since the show, the number of calls received from potential clients have doubled”, reported Ms Martinez and she is positive that FingerTec Mexico would be able to sign up approximately 100 integrators and resellers by June 2008.

Following the positive response received from ExpoSeguridad, FingerTec Mexico plans to add some new staff in their sales team besides conducting free training program for distributors every Thursday and having a showroom for FingerTec® products in Mexico DF. They are also planning to participate in security events in Brazil, Honduras, and a few other countries in Latin America in the near future.

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