Vol: 3 Year: 2012 Published: 14 December 2012
FingerTec Face ID 4
Face ID 4, the all-new powerful facial recognition terminal from FingerTec provides solid identity verification.
Securing Your PC the OFIS Gate-way
The release of OFIS Gateway a few months back marked a benchmark in PC security.
Software Selection Guide
Overwhelmed by our choice of applications? Let our Software Selection Guide find the right software for you.
Improved Global Warranty Registration
Our Global Warranty Registration page has been improved, so that the registration process can be quickened.
FingerTec's Certificate of Excellence
This year, FingerTec has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry!
How to Customize a Receipt Printer Communication Cable
The original communication cable that comes with the EPSON Thermal Printer TM-T88IV.
Replacing the Latest Clocking Option Under the Range Tab
When you click this checker, the TCMS V2 software.
How Does “Range” Work?
In recent months, we have received a growing number of troubleshooting enquiries regarding the Range option in the TCMS V2’s Clocking Schedule.
FTDP Version 1.6.7
The FingerTec Data Processor version 1.6.7 is now ready for use.
09 - 10, Dec 2012
IFSEC & OSH Arabia 2012
RICEC Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
15 - 17, Jan 2012
Intersec 2013
Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Dubai
03 - 06, Mar 2013
Saudi Safety & Security (SSS) 2013
Dhahran International Exhibition Centre Dammam, Saudi Arabia
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Humor Elements
Teh Hon Seng. CEO
"Many of us are fond of jokes, or contents that have humor elements. Adults need laughter to release tension, children simply laugh to express their happiness. That’s why talk shows, cartoons, comics and comedies have permanent markets."
Using Attendance as a Yardstick for Staff’s Attributes
Norana Johar. COO
"Attendance record could be used to gauge the positive attributes of employees. The preferred trait a company could hope for from an employee is accountability."
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