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4 February, 2009
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2 February, 2009
All models brochure for Arabic
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9 February, 2009
All model in Arabic, TA100 DIY in Indonesia & R2 & R2i brochure are ready to order!
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21 January, 2009
NEW Q2i, TA200 Plus, Kadex & i-Kiosk 100 enclosure are ready to order
Fingerprint patterns are divided into three main groups consisting of: Arches, Loops and Whorls. Approximately 5% of all fingerprints are Arches, 30% are Whorls and 65% are Loops.
The Eight Wonders
I’m not here to introduce an additional new Wonder to the existing Seven Wonders, and it’s nothing to do with tourism either; but rather an adoption of the name...
Biobridge SDK, OFIS and FRIS Revisited
FingerTec offers a range of software products to accommodate system integrators who are interested to ....
Evaluation Copy of TCMS V2 is Now Available!
Now you don’t need to install another copy of TCMS V2 evaluation copy for client demonstration purpose. Installation of TCMS V2..
The Impact of Economic Slowdown on Businesses and Benefits of Diversification
The current ongoing financial crisis in major countries is showing no signs of recovery...
Uprising Dream Hits The Ceiling
There is a premonition saying the economic crisis will hit hard once a country built the tallest building in the world. It’s true to witness the opening of the then world’s highest Empire State Building in...
Successful Launch Event for FingerTec TA100 DIY
Located at the Hotel Menara Peninsular Jakarta Indonesia on 15 January 2009, FingerTec Worldwide Sdn ...
FingerTec Garnered Interests in Mashahad Iran
Toos Anis Co. Ltd, FingerTec Worldwide’s representative for Iran had participated in Comex 2009, the second largest IT electronic expo in ...
MultiCom Promotes FingerTec in Tunisia
MultiCom, a Tunisian company established in 2005 as a service company doing international trading of security solutions. The company is offering...
Technology Line Gains Momentum With FingerTec in Egypt
In the recent three months, Technology Line, FingerTec’s esteemed exclusive distributor for Egypt managed to secure important clients ...
Tecnet Creates A Good Name For FingerTec in Angola
With the help of our esteemed partner in Luanda, TecNet Angola, FingerTec’s excellent brand of fingerprint readers permeates the largely....
Dragon-i Restaurants Installed TimeLine 100 for Attendance
Excel Systems Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s largest distributor for FingerTec products has successfully secured an installation project....
Hong Kong
FingerTec® News from Hong Kong Media
April 2009, Centro Banamex, Mexico
FingerTec will be showcasing its superior brand of fingerprint products once again in Mexico’s premier security exhibition, the Expo Seguridad México 2009.The leading Security event of its kind in Mexico had about 8,150 visitors last year.This year’s ...
April 2009, Moscow, Russia
As part of its expansion to Russian market, FingerTec will be participating in Moscow International Exhibition (MIPS 2009). It is the 15th international exhibition that will take place on 13-16 April 2009 in Moscow at Expocentr’s Fairgrounds and showcase State-of-the-Art Solutions in the Field of Safety...
April 2009, Taipei, Taiwan
FingerTec will be in Taipei again this year to participate in the SecuTech Expo 2009. The expo will be held on April 22-24, 2009 at the Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan. SecuTech Expo is one of the best security exhibition in Asia. The expo offers the ultimate platform for prominent supplier to showcase the products...
May 2009, Sao Paolo, Brazil
For the second time around, FingerTec visits Brazil to attend one of South America's oft-visited security fair. The ExpoSec 2009 is already on its 12th year of bringing distributors, integrators, manufacturers, resellers, and exhibitors together in one...
CEO - Traveling Mind
Privacy VS Transparency
"Do you have a habit of writing a diary? If you didn’t, it doesn’t matter; your government may already help you to ....
Marketing Manager - I'm Verified
What's Name Got To Do With It?
Whoever says that choosing a brand name for a product is not that crucial to the business ...
Improving the Slow Response Problem of Attendance Sheet
In some cases where attendance data in Attendance Sheet ....
Latest Update of FingerTec BioBridge SDK
FingerTec BioBridge SDK latest version V2.1.022 has been ...
How to Post from TCMS V2 to UBS Payroll (for Malaysia market only)
Employee number in both UBS Payroll and time attendance....
La Copia de Evaluación de TCMS V2 Ya Está Disponible
Ahora no es necesario instalar una copia de evaluación de TCMS V2 para demostrar a sus clientes. Ya se puede hacer la instalación de TCMS V2 directamente desde cualquier PC
con algunas configuraciones. Puede demostrar el programa a sus clientes sin problemas. Antes de empezar, es necesario instalar un nuevo software de TCMS v2 en su PC, con una clave de producto válida, el número de serie, la clave de activación y una copia de....
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