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i-Kiosk 100 Plus
i-Kiosk 100
R2 with MiFare card function
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24 February, 2009
R2 & R2i, Q2, i-Kiosk 100, i-Kiosk 100 Plus, M2/R2, TimeLine 100, Kadex brochure in chinese simplified.
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20 February, 2009
Hardware video guide updates.
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27 February, 2009
TimeLine 100 Video Guide.
3 March, 2009
TA100 DIY Video Guide in Indonesia.
Friction ridge skin present on the soles of the feet and toes (plantar surfaces) is as unique as ridge detail on the fingers and palms (palmar surfaces), and are used to effect identifications. Footprint (toe and sole friction ridge skin) evidence has been admitted in U.S. courts since 1934.
To Certain The Uncertainties
An earlier famous quote for the Internet era, “On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog."Yes, it is possible to train a smart robotic dog likes AIBO to sit behind a computer to steal...
MITI Award Is A High Moment for FingerTec
From two hundred participants, FingerTec emerged again as one of the recipients for Certificate of Excellence in the Industry Excellence Award under ....
Economics of Branding
Historically, companies producing goods and services had been following a management theory aimed at producing best possible quality at least possible cost.A competitive edge was obtained by...
FingerTec First Aid Site
The FingerTec First Aid features common symptoms for possible problems of FingerTec products categorized by models and for every problem, we offer solution(s) not only in text contents but also in...
Prerelease Version of TCMS V2.2
Introducing the latest version of FingerTec TCMS version 2.2. The latest TCMS version is loaded with better user interface and enhanced functions to cater the needs of millions of our clients worldwide....
MultiCom Promoted FingerTec in MEDIBAT Fair
FingerTec’s partner in Tunisia joined one of the most important exhibitions in the building and public works fields in the Mediterranean area, MEDIBAT fair. It...
New Vision SoftLan Has Absolute Faith in TA103-R
New Vision SoftLan is FingerTec partner in the Canary Islands of Spain since June 2008.The Canary Islands has been dubbed as the “Miniature...
FingerTec M2 at the Tallest Building in Panama
STS Panama S.A. of Grupo Simplex has over 30 years of experience in time attendance and access control systems...
Seven Seas Organised A Four-Day Workshop to Recharge Resellers
When the economy downturn hit the world by storm, Dubai was not spared. Many employees lost their jobs and the ones who were not,are striving hard
Excel Systems Introduced FingerTec In Product Sharing Session
Excel Systems, established in 1989, has been focusing its business in providing human resources solution to the Malaysian market. From offering..
13-16 April 2009, Moscow, Russia
As part of its expansion to Russian market, FingerTec will be participating in Moscow International Exhibition (MIPS 2009). It is the 15th international exhibition that will take place on 13-16 April 2009 in Moscow at Expocentr’s Fairgrounds and showcase...
21-23 April 2009, Centro Banamex, Mexico
FingerTec will be showcasing its superior brand of fingerprint products once again in Mexico’s premier security exhibition, the Expo Seguridad México 2009.The leading Security event of its kind in Mexico had about 8,150 visitors last year.This year’s ...
22-24 April 2009, Taipei, Taiwan
FingerTec will be in Taipei again this year to participate in the SecuTech Expo 2009. The expo will be held on April 22-24, 2009 at the Taipei World Trade Center, Taiwan. SecuTech Expo is one of the best security exhibition in Asia. The expo offers ...
11-14 May 2009, Sao Paolo, Brazil
For the second time around, FingerTec visits Brazil to attend one of South America's oft-visited security fair. The ExpoSec 2009 is already on its 12th year of bringing distributors, integrators, manufacturers, resellers, and exhibitors together in one...
CEO - Traveling Mind
Killer and Numbered Account
He didn’t take any single hired job, but he established his own website to invite the public to...
Marketing Manager - I'm Verified
Because Complexity Never Made Anyone Feel Good
I was introduced to the term fingerprint technology the same...
An Alarm Siren To Secure Your FingerTec® Terminal
For all FingerTec door access control models, there is a...
Standard Firmware for Each Model of FingerTec® Readers
Each model of FingerTec® reader is controlled by a unique firmware.
Eliminar Incertidumbres
Creo que por lo menos una vez, usted ha recibido un correo electrónico de “phishing” camuflado como una
entidad confiable que intenta adquirir su nombre de usuario y contraseña. Aunque la tasa de éxito es muy bajo para atraer a los incautos, por supuesto que no se dejen engañar ni tratar de...
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