Login of Head of Department into TCMS V2 Viewer


You can allow the head of department to access into TCMS V2 Viewer by using his/her individual password. The head of department can login into TCMS V2 Viewer to view and check attendance of users assigned under his/her department. Follow steps below to configure.

Step 1

In TCMS v2, make sure you already assign users into same department. Example user 2, 4 and 5 are assigned under Engineering department. User 2 as the head of engineering department is assign with a password “1”.

Step 2

Under Department Definition, assign user ID 2 in the column “User ID” for Engineering department. With this configuration, user ID 2 is automatically as head of department. Only his password (as configure in User Management) can login to view all attendance data of users assigned under the Engineering department.
Step 3

In TCMS v2 Viewer, select “Login As” column as Engineering. Ignore the column “User ID”. Insert the password of User ID 2 (the head of department of engineering).

Step 4

You can check attendance of users assigned under same department by click at “Switch User”.

Step 5

Click the user ID to view their attendance data.

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