PoE Device



Power over Ethernet or PoE technology describes a system to transfer electrical power, along with data, to remote devices over standard twisted cable in an Ethernet network. This technology is useful for powering IP telephones, wireless LAN access points, network cameras, remote network switches, embedded computers, and other appliances where it would be inconvenient, expensive (mains wiring must often be done by qualified and/or licensed electricians for legal or insurance reasons) or infeasible to supply power separately. The technology is somewhat comparable to POTS telephones, which also receive power and data (although analog) through the same cable. It doesn't require modification of existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure.

How does PoE Device work with FingerTec models?

The PoE device integrated with 1 input  (to plug RJ45 cable) and 2 outputs (RJ45 cable to plug into FingerTec® device, and DC power jack to plug into FingerTec® terminals).

The PoE device can receive power from the RJ45 cable (TCP/IP cable plug into the input port), and to convert it to power on FingerTec® terminals (DC power jack for either DC5V or DC12V, depends on requirement of models). At the same time, another output is to plug into TCP/IP at the FingerTec® terminals as communication cable. With PoE device, installer does not need to install extra power source to power on FingerTec® terminals.
The conceptual diagram as below:
Which PoE Device fits FingerTec® models?

The DC power jack is different size for DC5V and DC12V FingerTec® terminals. The output power from PoE must suits the FingerTec® models. Please check FingerTec® models below,
PoE device with DC5VTA100 series, AC100 series, TimeLine 100series
PoE device with DC12VTA200Plus, i-Kiosk 100 Plus

You can use PoE Device for FingerTec® models M2R2, iKiosk 100, Q2i and Kadex with some modification. As the power jack to these models is different with the original jack at PoE device, we need to modify the jack of PoE device before use. Please kindly take note in these models.

Usage of PoE Device
For Time Attendance
The PoE device is recommend to use if power source is not available for installation of FingerTec® models. You can plug a RJ45 cable (TCP/IP cable) into the PoE device to power on the FingerTec® terminal and to download data from terminal. It is a good application for time attendance system, and every FingerTec® models can supports time attendance.
For Access Control

The PoE device can only use to power on and to communicate with the FingerTec® terminals. Its power is not strong enough to support door lock system. Therefore you must have an independent power source to power on the door lock system. The FingerTec® terminal will interact with the door lock system to control accessibilities of users. You can replace the “independent power source” with AdapTec® AC, as it can support a backup battery.

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