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Windows-based Software
Time Attendance
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Access Control & Time Attendance
  Download Ingress
Ingress is offered in 2 versions. Determine the version that suits your corporation best.

     Microsoft Access database   MySQL database
  Installation Easy Database file created by Windows OS automatically Moderate IT expert is required to install the database
  Server Installation Yes Yes
  Client Installation No Yes
  Extension .mdb .sql
  Storage Limit 2GB 2GB
  Housekeeping Yes Yes
  3rd party tool to manage Optional Microsoft Jet
Database Engine
  Capability for server-client operation No Yes
  Suitable Company without IT personnel/ department Company with multiple system running on MySQL
  Download Links
Ingress Microsoft Access  v4.2.1.4
Ingress (MYSQL) v4.3.2.3
Note: Ingress version installed in the Client PC must be the same as the one installed in the Server PC.
Time Attendance
TimeTec AWDMS (Auto Web-Based Database Management System) works with FingerTec devices through PUSH technology
TimeTec Cloud Platform with Multiple Applications
TimeTec Attendance
TimeTec Patrol
TimeTec Hire
TimeTec Leave
TimeTec Visitor
TimeTec Access
TimeTec Parking
IoT Smart Devices
TimeTec Surveillance
FingerTec Cloud Center
Software SDK
Head on to FingerTec Developer Program to download the SDK & sample codes.
Software Development Kit
Integrates your own system with FingerTec fingerprint readers for a perfect solution.
Endless Possibilities with FingerTec OFIS
Integrate OFIS scanners with any solutions
Centralization of Access Control Devide Made Easy
Integrate Ingressus with any third party access control software
Easy Data Centralization with Webster
A web platform to centralize the time attendance database
TimeTec API
Integrates your own system with TimeTec API for a perfect solution.
i-Neighbour API/SDK
Integrate your own system with i-Neighbour Smart Community System, IoT device Siren Kit and BLE Series.
Software Tools
FingerTec Data Processor
A tool to extract data from FingerTec terminals to a 3rd party system
Simple User Management
An application for facilitating basic functions with OFIS reader & Mifare Card Writers.
Secure Single Sign On with FingerTec OFIS
A complimentary software for OFIS scanners.