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Model H3i s-Kadex
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Surface Finishing Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
Type of Scanner Non Coated Optical Scanner ×
Type of Antenna × Card
Microprocessor 400 MHz 400 MHz
Memory 32MB flash memory 32MB flash memory
Algorithm BioBridge VX 10.0 BioBridge VX 10.0
Dimension (L X W X H), mm 88 x 25 x 88 88 x 25 x 88
Templates Fingerprint 200 ×
Card 500 500
Password 8 sets (max length 4-digit per password) 8 sets (max length 4-digit per password)
Enrollment & Verification    
Methods Fingerprint(1:N), card & password Card & Password
Recommended fingerprint per user ID 1 ×
Fingerprint placement Any angle ×
Password length (digit) Max 4 Max 4
Verification time (sec) < 1 < 1
FAR (%) < 0.0001 ×
FRR (%) < 1 ×
Card Technology    
RFID: 64-bit, 125kHz Yes Yes
MIFARE: MFIS50/S70, 13.56MHz Made to order Made to order
Operating Environment    
Temperature (°C) 0 ~ 45 0 ~ 45
Humidity (%) 20 ~ 80 20 ~ 80
Power input DC 12V 3A DC 12V 3A
Access Control    
EM Lock driving output DC 12V relay output DC 12V relay output
Alarm output NO NO only
Anti passback Yes (NO/NC) Yes (NO/NC)
Group Verify Type    
Password only Yes Yes
Card only Yes Yes
Card or password × Yes
Card and password × Yes
Fingerprint only Yes ×
Fingerprint/ Card/ Password Yes ×
Card and password Yes ×
Fingerprint and password Yes ×
× = Not applicable
  = Available
  = Available Upon Request
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