TimeTec Access Controller, BLE 5 is a single door controller embedded with a Bluetooth Low Energy module. It is a new breed of controller dedicated for a mobile-centric cloud access control system. It overthrows old concepts by removing the need of a microprocessor in its design. That said, it does not store any algorithms, credentials and transaction records. It also does not need to be connected to any physical terminals in order to capture users’ credentials for verification. All it requires is only a Bluetooth Connection to receive commands from TimeTec Access Mobile App and the door can be unlocked.

The configurations of users’ credentials and access rules are all done within TimeTec Access. Administrators can then use TimeTec Access to manage BLE 5, the Mobile App users’ login accounts and individual access rules as well. TimeTec Access Mobile App is the gist of the system. It turns the smartphone into an individual access controller. What it does is that, once the user has login to the App, it will then determine the user’s access for each door by referring to the smartphone’s date/time and access rules. All a user need to do left is to just tap on the smartphone’s screen in order to unlock the door. What’s more, the solution even works when there is a lost in Internet Connection and all records saved within the smartphone will be uploaded into the system once the connection resumes.

Not only does this new system reduce deployment cost and maintenance of hadware, but its cloud based system design and Mobile App also provide better flexibilities towards the administrators in managing all users’ access levels and doors. With this, users can expect to just use their smartphone to gain access for all doors without having to carry along or remember different access credentials.

Cost Effective Solution
Low initial installation cost and low maintenance cost due to its implementation being based mostly on Bring Your Own Device concept (BYOD).

Bluetooth as Communication Channel
Bluetooth is known as the most common communication methods available in nearly all modern smartphones.

Mobile App for Android and iOS Platforms
TimeTec Access Mobile App is compatible with both Android and iOS Apps.

Cloud Based Configuration and Management
Administrators can manage users and access rules as well as analyse and run reports by logging into their cloud based account from anywhere at anytime and from any OS platform.

Consolidated System
Administrators can handle all users and doors situated at multiple locations in one single account.


Manage Temporary Access
Administrators can remotely create and assign temporary passes from the Mobile App towards all users.

Push Notifications to Update Door Activities
Instant updates by push notifications to your smartphone whenever someone unlocks the door.

Complete Access Rules to Secure Your Premise
Most commonly used access rules such as Time Zone, Holiday Access and etc, are all conveniently made available in TimeTec Access.

MODEL TimeTec Access Controller, BLE 5
Dimension (L X W X H), mm 130 x 130 x 45
Power input (V) DC 12V 3A
Battery input DC 12V
Operating temperature (°C) 0 - 55
Operating humidity (%) 10 - 80
CPU Core: Arm® 32-bit Cortex®-M4 CPU 100 MHz
Flash memory (MB) 1.5
SRAM (KB) 320
Polarity protection Yes
WiFi Yes (AWS IoT connection)
Bluetooth Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
Smartphones Android 4.4.2 and above | iOS 8 and above
Users Unlimited, controlled by Cloud Storage
Transactions Unlimited, controlled by Cloud Storage
Push release button 1
Door sensor 1
Siren Mute 1
Door lock (12VDC 10A form C relay) 1
Siren Outpt 1 (max 2.0A)
Main features Door access, Door opening timer, Time zones (max 48 set per day), Holiday time zones(max 48 set per day), Permanent door release/lock time zones, Antipassback, Interlocking, Door status monitoring, Door force open alarm, Door open time out alarm, Duress alarm
SOFTWARE TimeTec Access
NOTE: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.