This warranty policy applies when you purchased FingerTec/TimeTec brand of products that are sold by TimeTec Computing Sdn Bhd and its worldwide authorized resellers and distributors. The warranty policy is limited to FingerTec's hardware components of the main devices that are developed by TimeTec Computing Sdn Bhd and branded as FingerTec products (referred to as "FingerTec Products").
FingerTec/TimeTec Products are warranted under normal and proper use, against manufacturing defects for a period as stated below:
Warranted Parts Standard Limited Warranty
(For Resellers)
Standard Limited Warranty
(For End-users)
All FingerTec Devices (except Smart Locks )
Note: Includes FingerTec AdapTec
28 months 24 months
Warranted Spare Parts and Components 28 months 24 months
Refurbished Warranted Spare Parts and Components 15 months 12 months
TimeTec/IoT Products/Smart Lock 14 months 12 months
Accessories 15 months 12 months
a. The different warranty periods between Resellers and End-users works as a buffer to offset the duration of shipping and stocking period before the products finally reach the customers.
b. Please note that all purchases between 1 Jan 2014 and 30th September 2021 are covered under FingerTec Global Product Warranty for 36 months for end users and 40 months for resellers. FingerTec has revised the FingerTec Global Product Warranty period to 24 months for end users and 28 months for resellers started from 1st October 2021.
c. For FingerTec Warranted Spare Parts and Components that purchased between 1 Jan 2014 and 30th September 2021, the Warranty Period is 24 months for end users and 28 months for resellers. FingerTec has revised the Warranty Period to 12 months for end users and 28 months for resellers started from 1st October 2021.
d. Please refer to for FingerTec/TimeTec products’ unwarranted spare parts.
1. Warranty Initialization Date
  Please refer to Invoice Date received from TimeTec Computing Sdn Bhd as the Warranty Initialization Date.
  1.1 This warranty is limited to defects in workmanship and/or parts. FingerTec/TimeTec Products are not warranted for:
a. Loss or damage of FingerTec/TimeTec Product resulting from one or more of the following:
i. Improper handling and maintenance of the equipment, and failure to obey operating instructions as specified by FingerTec/TimeTec such as being used in outdoor environment without proper protection for indoor models, liquid damage, extreme heat/cold conditions that go beyond design limit;
ii. Leaking of batteries, sand, dirt, or water damage;
iii. Electrical power surge, improper and/or communication link connection, or unstable power supply;
iv. Use of unauthorized parts or service by other than our authorized agents;
v. Serial number and/or warranty sticker is altered, removed, or damaged beyond recognition;
vi. Alteration or modification which was not prior approved by FingerTec/TimeTec;
vii. Shipping and/or transportation of the equipment.
b. Unwarranted parts which include:
i. Front and rear casing of device (Product code: FTAC1007)
ii. Key buttons (Product code: FTAC1009)
iii. Scanner cap (Product code: FTAC1010)
iv. 5V Adapter (Product code: FTGL0005)
v. Prism (Product code: FTGL0004)
2. Warranty Processes
2.1 All warranty claims MUST be submitted complete with the required information fields in the Digital Warranty Registration Form to provide the best possible reparation and/or replacement service to our customers. FingerTec/TimeTec reserves the right to reject any warranty claim from any party that fails to provide any of the compulsory information specified.
2.2 During the warranty period, FingerTec/TimeTec will either opt to repair or replace any defective component which is within the warranty period.
2.3 FingerTec/TimeTec reserves the right to allow replacement the faulty part(s) on any FingerTec/TimeTec terminals with either a new or refurbished part within its warranty period. In an event where a part replacement is required within a terminal's warranty period, the extracted part(s) from the FingerTec/TimeTec terminal remains the property of FingerTec/TimeTec. Whether the replaced part is new or refurbished, the duration of the part's warranty is tied up with the remaining warranty period of the FingerTec/TimeTec terminal's.
2.4 FingerTec/TimeTec discourages End-Users/ Resellers to return a whole complete FingerTec/TimeTec terminal to TimeTec Computing for repair but in any event that this is required, FingerTec/TimeTec will perform the repair without any charge if the terminal is proven to be within Warranty Period. However, the cost of shipping and customs duty involved in sending and receiving those items must be borne by the End-Users/ Resellers. In any case that the returned FingerTec/TimeTec terminal has passed the warranty deadline, it will be the responsibility of the End-Users/ Resellers to pay labor charge and costs of the parts shown in Appendix B. To view the FingerTec/TimeTec Repair Flowchart, refer to Appendix C.
2.5 FingerTec/TimeTec Resellers who have qualified technician(s) are encouraged to apply for FingerTec Advanced Repair Program, a program that allows resellers to repair defective spare parts. Find out about this program at
2.6 FingerTec/TimeTec places great importance on warranty labels as reference points; please do not remove the labels to avoid future complication. Defective parts that are without warranty labels are deemed void of warranty, and FingerTec/TimeTec will have the right to charge accordingly whenever required.
Sample of labels:
2.7 FingerTec/TimeTec will NOT be held responsible for loss of any data or programs in the FingerTec/TimeTec Product that was processed for a warranty claim. All users are strongly advised to perform a complete backup of all data before submitting their goods in for a warranty claim.
2.8 In the event that the FingerTec/TimeTec Product requires repair under warranty, end-users are responsible for the cost of transportation to and from the FingerTec/TimeTec service location. FingerTec/TimeTec will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of goods resulting from transportation of the warranted product to and from the FingerTec/TimeTec service location. Transportations of goods are at the risk of the End-user / Reseller. Resellers are eligible for Spare Parts Allocation Scheme initiated by TimeTec Computing (refer to Appendix A) and they are encouraged to stock spare parts to ease maintenance.
3. Declaration of Dead On Arrival (DOA) products
3.1 Dead on Arrival (DOA) refers to products which are not able to be switched on, or is functioning exceptionally out of the ordinary when the goods have reached the destination of delivery, and is not caused by any of the circumstances stated in 1.1(a) above.
3.2 In the event that a FingerTec/TimeTec Product is DOA, FingerTec/TimeTec is to be notified about the DOA goods within 30 working days from the date of receipt.
3.3 Declaration of DOA goods are to be done through an official email drafted to the FingerTec/TimeTec Headquarters ( as well as to any other parties concerned.
Note: Resellers/distributors of the DOA product are to still submit a claim via the Digital Warranty Registration Form with the date of receipt of the DOA product listed in the Description of Problem field.
3.4 FingerTec/TimeTec will then proceed to replace the product(s) that was declared DOA after processing the relevant information and/or confirmations, and will bear all transportation cost, except custom cost.
3.5 FingerTec/TimeTec reserves the right to request the return of all goods declared as DOA at any point of time. In such an event, FingerTec/TimeTec will bear all transportation and customs cost for all the return goods.
4. Limitation of Liability
4.1 FingerTec/TimeTec shall not be responsible for loss or damage to the goods which may be caused during transportation.
4.2 FingerTec/TimeTec is not responsible for any damage to or loss of any data, programs or removable storage media of any kind. FingerTec/TimeTec is not responsible for or obliged to perform any restorations or reinstallations of any programs or data other than software and/or interface installed by FingerTec/TimeTec during the manufacture of the FingerTec/TimeTec Product.
4.3 FingerTec/TimeTec will not be held responsible for any business damage in terms of lost profits or savings, business interruption, loss of use or any other commercial or economic loss of any kind apart from those stated above.
4.4 This limitation of liability will be effective even if you have advised FingerTec/TimeTec, or an authorized representative of FingerTec/TimeTec of the possibility of the damages, even if such possibilities were reasonably foreseeable.
4.5 In the event that FingerTec/TimeTec determines that the damage or failure that exists within the product is not covered by the warranty, the Reseller will be contacted to determine whether the damage or failure should be repaired for a fee or whether the product should be returned back to the Reseller in the same condition as it was received. FingerTec/TimeTec will not cover any transportation, handling and/or customs charges whatsoever.
4.6 FingerTec/TimeTec resellers are responsible to return all under warranty defective parts/products to TimeTec Computing preferably within 3 months period and at most 5 months period. TimeTec Computing has the rights to impose charge(s) on resellers if they fail to return the said parts after a period of 6 months. Defective parts that are over warranty period shall not be returned to TimeTec Computing.
Note for end-user
End-Users are to submit their warranty claim directly to the person who they have purchased the product from such as authorized FingerTec/TimeTec resellers or distributors.
End-users and Resellers are required to keep their receipt of purchase of their FingerTec/TimeTec Product as a proof of purchase for a warranty claim.
It is the responsibility of every end-user to ensure that the software of their FingerTec/TimeTec Products is up to date.
Before sending in a product for a warranty claim, End-users/ Resellers are strongly advised to backup all their current data in their FingerTec/TimeTec system. This is because the repair/replacement process for warranty claim might require the removal of all current data for the product to run smoothly. FingerTec/TimeTec will not be held responsible for any loss of data from the FingerTec/TimeTec product during a warranty claim.
It is the responsibility of every end-user, as stipulated above, to arrange the cost of transportation and handling of all FingerTec/TimeTec products sent in for repair/replacement whether or not the product is under warranty.
End-users/resellers should ensure that their product(s) are properly packaged before sending it to FingerTec/TimeTec so as to ensure no damage occurs to the product during transit.
Last updated: 21/06/2021